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Can Online Classes Replace Classroom Teaching – Know the Truth

Published on: 31 March , 2022 | Kanchan V

For the most part, what the world has grown up with is traditional learning which takes place in the form of face-to-face teacher-student interaction. But now, the education system is going through a massive change as people slowly realize the advantages that online classes have over classroom teaching. Many institutions now solely provide classes in the form of online preschool, and it can be said without a doubt that online classes hardly lag behind in any aspect of the classroom mode of learning. Yet there are many doubts about this virtual learning platform, and they are quite natural to arise as most of us never even thought of online classes to be a valid thing sometime before. However, that online learning is no good is nothing but a myth, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case, especially for an online preschool where children learn the basic tenets of school and studying. [caption id="attachment_10019" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Footprints Preschool School[/caption]

1. Online Classes Cost Less

Let us begin by stating a very basic but very important point in favour of online learning. In the debate of virtual classroom vs real classroom, the virtual classroom easily wins when it comes to the cost of education. When students have to come to offline classes, they sit in a room that consumes electricity and needs to be maintained. All of these are secondary costs of education that can be avoided if the mode of learning is shifted to online. Also read Best Online Classes For Kids In India 2022

2. Online Classes Save a Lot of Time for All Parties Involved

Commuting to school daily is no easy task; it takes pre-preparation, such as readying the school bag, food, water, and uniform - all of it in a set amount of time, after which the student has to rush out before the classes begin. If the question of online preschool, then it takes a caretaker even more time to get the kid ready for school. Imagine all the time that you will be saving if only your child doesn't have to commute every day. This is why the best preschool classes are all conducted online. It not only saves time but also saves the student as well as the caretaker from all the exhaustion and tiredness that come with the physical mode of learning.

3. Flexible Time Schedule of Classes

The flexible schedule that comes with this mode is a major advantage of online preschool classes and online learning in general. The rigorous time schedule that we are so familiar with is not a factor here. Even if you miss a class and do not want to miss out on the lesson, then the recorded online lecture is there to aid you. You can watch the recorded lecture at a time that is convenient for you and go back to live online classes with up-to-date knowledge on the topic. [caption id="attachment_10021" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Footprint Preschool & Daycare[/caption]

4. Teach The Students Self-Discipline

While older students realize the importance of taking online teaching seriously, younger kids may often be distracted by the devices and many entertaining applications on them. This is a good opportunity to teach preschoolers about self-discipline and time management. Moreover, how they choose to conduct themselves in a live online class also contributes to the online environment of the whole class, and the sooner they understand it, the better. Also read Best Online Coding Classes For Kids In India 2022

5. The Flexibility of Learning Location

A greater advantage of online preschool classes is the geographic flexibility that it offers. Even if the student is not at their homes when the class takes place, they can still attend with a device and a place to sit and learn. In this way, students don't miss out on the opportunity to clear their doubts about topics by directly interacting with the teacher.

6. Better Communication Between Student and Teacher

Another reason why many consider online mode the best preschool classes is because of how easy the communication between a teacher and a preschool is. In most cases, preschoolers sit for classes with their caretaker behind them, and if they don't understand something or want something repeated, then they ask their caretaker to get the teacher's attention by asking their questions. Such communication is one on one and without any interference from anyone. [caption id="attachment_10022" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Can Online Preschool Classes Replace Traditional Learning[/caption]

7. Increases Cognitive Skills of The Students

The most popular learning techniques of online classes include tasks that contribute to the cognitive development of the students. Firstly, they have to stay alert at all times and get adept at the technical aspects of the class. The tasks that they are assigned have to be solved on their own, unlike in real classes where students often imitate their classmates. There is no chance of that in online classes, where each student is on their own, and they are forced to think for themselves.


These are some of the many reasons why the best preschool classes/curriculums are all being conducted online. Online classes are the future of education, and it is best we start welcoming this change.
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