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Launch Of Cloudnine Hospital at HRBR Layout, Bangalore

Published on: 4 April , 2018 | Rupal Mohta

Birthing is a life changing experience. A woman not just gives birth to her child; she herself comes to be a new being. Motherhood and pregnancy are challenging and life changing experiences. A woman generally feels overwhelmed in her journey through the nine months and at the end of this term when she holds her little fluffy bundle she finds herself literally on cloud nine! Through her journey she needs not just rock solid family support but most importantly a team of dedicated physicians and a hospital well equipped to handle birthing making it a holistic experience for expectant mothers and their families. The hospital and its team must be well equipped to handle both pre and post -natal emergencies and also assist expectant parents with their queries and concerns.

Cloudnine Hospitals:

Cloudnine Hospitals is India’s leading chain of maternity, childcare and fertility hospitals. They have a presence in 6 cities of India namely Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune and Chandigarh. Cloudnine aims to reach every woman and child in India and ensure that care and services at the hospital meet international standards. They have celebrated over 50,000+ births spread across their various hospitals which provide multiple facilities and they boast of a 3000+ strong and dedicated team.

Cloudnine Hospital launch in HRBR Layout, Bangalore:

Expectant parents and especially expectant mums have more reason to cheer in Bangalore. Very recently Cloudnine Hospitals launched their newest hospital at HRBR Layout in Bangalore. The Hospital aims at providing personalized quality healthcare to its patients. Our representative Mr. Gopal Gera was there at the launch on behalf of team Confused Parent. The launch began with the traditional ribbon cutting amid wide cheer and gaiety from all who were present. Thereafter the Hospital dignitaries lit the lamps and invoked divine blessings. The Hospital dignitaries mainly Chairman Dr. Kishore Kumar, the co-founder Ms. Vidya Kumar, the South Regional Director- Mr. Nitin Nag, and the Director of Medical Services - Dr. Arvind Kasaragod then went on to speak and address the crowd sharing the journey of Cloudnine this far and spoke at length about values which focus mainly on patient care and the new avenues to be explored in the future. The Hospital mainly aims at bringing the best of healthcare to the neighborhood at Bangalore with the help of its extremely dedicated team which put the patient first. The launch program concluded with lunch.

Services at the Cloudnine Hospitals:

The following services can be availed at the Cloudnine Hospitals by the patients:
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Gynaecological Care
  • Neonatal Care
  • Pediatric Care
  • Newborn Intensive Care
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care
  • Infertility Care
The Cloudnine Clinic at HRBR Layout houses experienced Pediatricians providing excellent neo-natal care and guidance. Cloudnine Hospitals is a single specialty clinic that offers a wide gamut of advanced medical treatments to its patients. This is possible because of its dedicated and qualified team who work round the clock ensuring that patients are given the best medical care that they truly deserve. The Hospital also houses state-of-the-art infrastructure and is technologically sound and up-to-date. The Hospital’s center of excellence lies in its Obstetrics and Gynecology team who make emergency services available at all times.


The Cloudnine Hospital at HRBR Layout is located as under: 636/1, Service Rd, Nanjappa Garden, Horamavu (HRBR Layout), Bengaluru, Karnataka 560048 Its’ important for expectant parents to find a good and able team of medical professionals and hospitals to ensure they have a smooth experience during regular pregnancy check -ups and post- natal care too. All these will comfort the expectant mother and she can enjoy pregnancy and childbirth trouble free.
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