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Leading Organic Clothing Brand – Nino Bambino

Published on: 28 July , 2020 | Ekta

There are 100’s of brands with infinite choice of clothes for your little one. We as mothers ensure that nothing but the best is reserved for our children. A child’s skin is 5 times more delicate than an adult’s skin & thus more prone to allergies & infections. Many infants are very sensitive to what goes ‘on’ and ‘into’ their body. While we as parents do not compromise on the quality & nutritional value of food that goes into their body, should we compromise on the quality of fabric that they wear?

The last thing you want to hear is your child complaining of an itch or discomfort after a long day juggling between chores and kids.

We bring to you the Leading Organic Clothing Brand – Nino Bambino known for “Affordable Organic Clothing”.

But, why Organic?

It began when they noticed the deterioration of the ecological balance that was taking place all around them.

Nino BAmbino Organic Clothing

Organic clothing has many benefits –

  1. Gentle on the skin
  2. Does not cause rashes & allergies
  3. Breathable & soft fabric
  4. Colour does not fade after repeated washes
  5. Suits all skin types – sensitive, dry, oily, flaky or normal.
  6. Eco-friendly & sustainable
  7. No harmful dyes & bleach

There are possibly around 10 brands in India who sell “Certified 100% Pure Organic Cotton” clothing. Parents today are taking a more conscious call.

Prioritizing your baby’s health, Nino Bambino is one of the ONLY few brands in India which sells organic cotton clothes for children between 0-12 years. Brain child of Shikha Kumar, this brand sells apparel in the following categories –

  • Jhablas, Shirts
  • Shorts, Pants,
  • Frocks, Skirts & Tees
  • Rompers, Bodysuits & Dungarees
  • Mittens, Swaddles, Booties, Burp Cloths & Bibs

Why we recommend Nino Bambino?

  • Designers create apparels based on the international forecasts of colours and silhouettes.
  • Safety & comfort is given prime importance – buttons, zippers, labels & recycled tags
  • Tested for durability & longevity
  • Experienced artisans hand print using colourful & vibrant water-based printing inks
  • The garments are packed and during this process they are scanned to check for needle or buttons belt at the Needle Detection System to ensure no broken needles or metal parts are present in the garment.
  • They use the well known Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (YKK) zippers and double jersey threads for their clothing, that is not only softer but also thick and stretchy.
  • All products are free of Nickel & Lead.

Most people perceive that “organic” certainly indicates higher price point. However, Nino Bambino definitely breaks these shackles of a common mind-set. They clothing and accessories line is priced along the lines of any other brand you may shop online. Also, currently they are running a discount of FLAT 50% sitewide. You will also get an additional 15% discount, EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR COMMUNITY if you use the code CP50 on check-out.

CP50 code at checkout for additional 15% discount.

       To shop, visit Ninobambino or Contact +91-9650618810.You can also Email: contact@ninobambino.in 

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