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Best Organic Clothing Brands For Kids In India 2020

Published on: 7 September , 2020 | Ekta

Best Organic Clothing Brands For Kids In India 2020

Did you know a child’s skin is semi-permeable? If you, as a conscious parent can be cognizant of what goes ‘into’ your child’s body, then why ignore what stays on it? The secret is out. The only fabric you can blindly trust for your baby is organic cotton. Many parents today are switching to organic products for their children as it is beneficial not just for their child but also the eco system as a whole. Here are the Best Organic Clothing Brands For Kids In India 2020.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is made from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. As a result, the organic cotton products are safer for your baby’s delicate skin. It may interest you to know that India is known to be the largest producer of organic cotton. However, unfortunately most of it is exported. These wonderful brands are bringing back the charm of all things beautiful, all things pure and all things natural. Making this world a better place to live in :)

Discover Best Organic Clothing Brands For Kids In India 2020, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF PREFERENCE. WE LOVE ALL OF THEM! These brands are set out on a mission to create a symbiotic balance between people, planet, production, profits & practicing social stewardship.   

Miko Lolo - Best Organic Clothing Brands For Kids in India 2020

Miko Lolo, brain-child of Akansha Bhatia, won the 1st runner up award at the Kids Stop Press Awards 2019 in the Best Environmentally Conscious Brand. Sustainable yet quirky, beautiful yet eco-friendly – that is the ethos of Miko Lolo. Made with 100% natural & bio-degradable fabrics, the entire collection of Miko Lolo is theme-based which is printed on GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton by certified vendors. 

Miko Lolo also has a line of clothing that is 100% cotton but not organic cotton. Don't forget to check out the product description to ensure the same. Made for children aged 2-8years. However, they do customize for smaller or bigger sizes on request.

Miko Lolo Organic Clothing

What we love about Miko Lolo:

  • Miko Lolo is a go-to brand for all parents who are environmentally conscious and want something fun for their kids.
  • It may surprise you to know that even their price tags are made of cotton fabric scraps infused with basil seeds, so you can grow your own basil plant, instead of throwing the tag in the trash! How cool is that.
  • Aiming at zero-waste policy, Miko Lolo upcycles to make accessories like scrunchies, hairbands, cord keepers, pouches, and bibs.

Visit Miko Lolo to shop something fun for your child.

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Mi Dulce An’ya - Best Customized Organic Cotton Wear For Kids

As interesting as the name sounds - Mi Dulce An’ya (pronounced as es: mee.dul.che.ah.nee.ya) which means My Sweet (Ansh + Manya), is the brainchild of Neha Garodia. Who said organic is boring? Breaking these shackles, Mi Dulce An’ya has a luxurious collection of 100% certified organic cotton clothing which is chic, contemporary and kind on your baby’s supple skin. They do not use harmful dyes and bleach. The line of clothing is for children aged 0-10, however can be made to larger sizes on request.  

Mi Dulce An'ya - Customized Organic Clothing

What We Love About Mi Dulce An’ya –

  • All the clothing except festive is completely 100% GOTS certified organic. The adorable festive is hand woven natural, lined with organic cotton. 
  • Besides festive wear, Mi Dulce An’ya has an amazing collection of accessories, diaper bags, play tents, shaped cushions, personalized themed gifts.
  • You can personalize choose from your favourite unicorn, dragon, flamingo or shark theme – they make for great gifting options.

For those who thought organic meant limited scope of design, should definitely check them out. Mi Dulce An’ya is the winner of KSP Awards 2017 for the Best Organic Kids Wear Clothing Brand in India.  

Visit Mi Dulce An’ya to shop something personalized for your little one.

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Masilo - Best Organic Essentials For Babies

Masilo was founded by Eisha Maskara Sheth, a graphic designer who grew up in a family business of textiles, and thus always surrounded by colours and cottons.

Since a baby’s soft skin easily absorbs what you put on it, she decided to help new parents have access to the softest and most trustworthy fabrics for their little munchkins. Made with the highest levels of GOTS certified organic cotton, Masilo is a go-to destination for all your new born’s essential needs and loved by all.

Masilo Organic Baby Wear

What We Love About Masilo:

  • An incredible range of products for clothing, bath time, bedtime, nursery, feeding, décor & gift sets. You name it, they have it.
  • Soft colour palette & gentle on the skin.
  • Masilo’s nestilo is a crowd favourite and a rare find.

In the clothing range they have rompers, tops, tees, dresses and accessories along with receiving blankets & gift bundles. A true one-stop destination for all new moms.

Shop from Masilo all that you need as a new mom for yourself & your darling baby!

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Kaarpas - Best 100% Certified Organic Cotton Wear For Baby

‘Cotton is local to India and yet, it’s surprising that moms have to rely on expensive foreign brands for best quality organic cotton baby wear’- a discussion between Rohan Kulkarni & Tejasa Purandare marked the beginning of ‘Kaarpas’.
‘Kaarpas’ is a Sanskrit word for ‘cotton’ – the brand cherishes the traditional values and memories of grandma’s mulmul saree, with their super soft muslin swaddles which are the favourites of all!

Kaarpas - Organic Cotton & Muslin

What we love about Kaarpas -

  • Diverse range of products to choose from – feeding, bedding, nursery, nappies and a wide collection of clothing & ready-to-gift packaging
  • All products are made from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • Unique designs that enhance baby-parent relationships and facilitate story-telling: initiating early learning experience for the baby
  • Beautiful balance of soothing pastel shades and peppy bright colours
  • Environmentally conscious: An assurance of eco-friendly, sustainable and durable products that take care of your baby and our mother nature as well.

Visit Kaarpas and explore the underwater wonders with the newly launched ‘Ocean Dive’ collection.

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Aagghhoo - Best Organic Clothing For Infants & Toddlers

Aagghhoo, the name, is inspired by happy gurgling sound made by babies – a rather joyful expression of babyhood. A brainchild of Navdeep Kaur, Aagghhoo is one of the few brands in India that resonates with 100% certified organic clothing in true sense. She believes in the concept of slow but sustainable fashion.

Aagghhoo - 100% Organic Cotton Wear For Babies

What we love about Aagghhoo?

  • Every piece is gender neutral – from colours to design to aesthetics, defying all colour codes & boundaries
  • Simple, clean and seamless
  • Natural colour palette
  • Extended use to garments, ergonomically designed to provide better room-for-growth
  • 100% handmade fibres with natural dyes in collaboration with local communities

For those who believe less is more, THIS is you go-to brand. Carving a niche, Aagghhoo is a brand for mindful parents who prioritize decoding the unsaid minimalist needs of baby. Specializing in infant & toddler clothing, Aagghhoo has a range of jhablas, rompers, sweatshirts, pants, bodysuits, shorts and jumpsuit. They also make tactile toys made from organic cotton fabric.

Visit Aagghhoo to shop 100% pure organic comfort wear for your new born baby.

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Love The World Today - Best Eco-Friendly Sustainable Clothing Brand

Love The World Today (LTWT) - a name that brings positivity & happiness, is the brainchild of two sisters Dipti Ahuja & Dipna Daryanani. Caring for the little big things in life, LTWT clothes are made with natural fibres, organic fabrics that are woven by artisans across the country.

Love The World Today

What We Love About Love The World Today –

  • They say, “Don’t try to rush things, they need time to grow”. Let our little ones be little – and that’s the ideology of LTWT.
  • A part of their clothing is 100% organic cotton, and some of the others are made from hand-woven cotton sourced only from local weavers in India by practicing fair trade.
  • Shop their beautiful collections – Rooted In Love, The Stories We Carry, The Earth Laughs In Flowers, Bedtime Stories and Bucketful Of Love.

From dresses, shirts, festive wear, accessories, skirts, tops, kurtas, sleepwear and shorts, every piece is designed for absolute comfort. Made for children aged 0-8 years.

Shop vintage cotton wear from Love The World Today.

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Nino Bambino - Best Organic Clothes For NewBorn & Infants

Nino Bambino is the brain child of Shikha Sharma, which is known for 100% certified organic cotton. You can now shop from a fantastic wide range of jhablas, shirts, shorts, pants, frocks, tees, rompers, body suits, dungarees, mittens, booties, swaddles, burp cloths & bibs.   

Nino Bambino Organic Clothing For Kids

What we love about Nino Bambino?

  • It has affordable organic clothing & baby essentials
  • Durability & sustainable. All products are free of Nickel & lead.
  • Water-based printing inks
  • There is no dearth of choice in product offering
  • Upcycle by making accessories to ensure zero-waste management

For those who perceived organic as expensive, should definitely check out Nino Bambino. They have products for children aged 0-10, however, specialize in kids wear between 0-4 years.

Shop for a wide range of casual organic cotton clothing from Nino Bambino.

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So, next time you want to buy 100% certified organic clothes for your babies you know where to go. Tell us your favourite organic clothing brand.

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