An open letter from a child to the world of adults by Nandini

An open letter from a child to the world of adults by Nandini


Dear Adult,

In case you have opened the envelope in surprise, wondering who this is from and what is this about, I am Nandini, 7 years old and want to say something to all of you on behalf of all my friends.

Now that I have your attention here is an open letter from a child to the world of adults by Nandini, first things first. Take a cup of warm tea or coffee or whatever you like and sit down at a corner. I really want to have a chat with you in peace, not when you are listening to me while doing your chores.

I know, it is very difficult for any adult today to manage work and little children like us. You work really hard and by the end of the day, you get so tired that you may not have any energy left to talk to me alone. I know, that you have a lot of work which we have no idea about. I know, that we can’t even help in making you feel better with all your workload.

But we, little children, where do we go if we want something? Who do we tell about our pains and worries when we haven’t even learnt to express our minds properly? Trust me, we don’t cry to make your life harder. In fact, when we cry, we are struggling to deal with our own selves to sort things out. It doesn’t really help if someone says, “Why are you crying? Stop crying and tell me, what’s the matter.” Or, “Good boy/girl don’t cry.” I mean, Come on! If we could tell, wouldn’t we have said it out clearly? And which child in the world doesn’t cry? Didn’t you cry when you were young? Why does the world of adults keep telling this piece of lies so often?! When we are having a really hard time struggling with our own desires and emotions, it would just help to calm us down in your lap and just be with us without saying a word. Trust me, we can feel what you feel. We can feel where we are safe. We can feel when your heart beats with love and care for us.

We sometimes wonder, what space do we really hold in your adult world full of so many things? Whatever we try to toy with, or pour out, or simply hold, we hear a loud “NO!”.

Trying to handle a glass of water by ourselves? “NO”.

Trying to jump off the bed? “NO”

Trying to pull that jar from the shelf? “NO”

Trying to pour water out of the bucket? “NO”

Trying to pull a clip out of our own hair or jump in the roadside puddle? “NO”

Pour paint on the floor on our body instead of the paper? “NO”

Knead the dough with flour all over the floor? “NO”

Can you tell me what are we supposed to do then?

You won’t allow us to help you with YOUR work.

You won’t allow us to try out OUR own work.

You won’t allow us to toy with things that are around us.

And if that’s not enough, you would ask us to sit quietly at a place. Sit there and do what? Participate in your boring adult conversations? When is the last time you sat like that without any work?

And Oh yes! Who told you that we love only toys and only toys are meant to be for children??

Let me be honest. Not half the toys made by adults are suitable for children. We need to mess with mud, we need to strike and blow, we need to break and crack, we need to turn things upside down, we need to pull and push, we need to taste, feel and see what you constantly hide from us! And that’s not our FAULT! We are made like that. You too, perhaps, were like that, is what God tells us.

So, please, dear adult, let us be like children. Don’t mind the mess in your house or wherever you are. If you are cleaning every day, we would learn to do that too as we grow up.

To make it easier for you and us, keep as less things a