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Dear Parents, We Care For Your Children, So Please Allow Us To Discipline Them

Published on: 15 October , 2018 | Ekta

Dear Parents, Let’s begin with some nostalgia and talk about our school and college days. Weren't they some of the best days of our lives? The fun, the friends and the teachers; memories are made of them. Remember that stern teacher? Or that professor you admired? Back then, a teacher's interaction with her students’ parents was limited to PTMs or at the principal's office depending on how notorious the student was. Today, times have changed and 'involved’ and 'evolved’ parenting means we, the teachers, interact with students’ parents more often than ever. Sometimes, this is a good thing, but most other times, we feel that being a teacher today is like walking a tightrope with a hungry lion beneath. Many-a-times we wish parents would put themselves in our shoes, as we want them to understand what we go through every day. So today, hear us out; we speak for the sanity of teachers and for the benefit of your child.

We are human beings

Teachers are also human. We are expected to act saintly and control a class full of uncooperative kids for several hours, five days a week. We try our best, but sometimes, we get tired. So, don't see red when we tend to overlook your child's spellings or miss sending a notebook. You manage one or two kids at home, we manage more than 30.

Do not compare

It hurts us when parents compare their children with their peers. This, in turn, turns into a comparison game between the teachers. Respect individual differences. A child who learns math well might not do well in Hindi and vice versa. It does not always depend on the teacher who teaches the subject.

Allow us to discipline your children

We do not mean that we wish to use corporal punishment or 'insult' your child. We just want to be trusted to use our discretion and appropriate method of discipline. Sometimes, this might mean we will shout, or sternly tell your child off. Do not attack us for doing this. Try getting 30-60 talkative kids to listen to you without losing it.

It's a 70-30 effort

Working on a child's capability is a joint effort. If teachers put in 70% effort, we hope that parents can put in 30% effort at home. We cannot alone bring out the Einstein or Milkha Singh in your child.

Go easy on the mollycoddling

If your children (not very young ones) forget their projects or stationery, allow them to face the music. It will prepare them for life. Do not run with their forgotten things to school in your pyjamas.

Do not talk ill of us

Avoid talking ill of us in front of your child. How will s/he respect us if you don't? We like it if we are greeted with respect; a kind word or a smile. Be with us in shaping future minds. It's a tough job and most of us are paid peanuts. But we do it because we like it, not because teaching was our last option. Pray that we have strength to sail through more noise, disobedience, fights and tantrums of pint-sized dynamites and impart what we call, education. Yours sincerely, Teachers. Note: These points were the inputs of actual teachers. It may also interest you to read - The Education Landscape In India Are We Creating Unnecessary Pressure On Kids The Urgent Need To Understand Child Pscychology
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A doting mom to an angel, Social Media Specialist & Professional Blogger. She loves to share her thoughts with other parents in the same turbulent boat. She absolutely loves & adores her family & is learning to strike a good work-life balance. When she is not writing, cooking or busy taking care of her toddler, she probably is dancing to some good desi music!

Gowthami 2018-10-23 18:15:26

As an adult we ourselves don't like to be compared with others and the same applies to kids. They have their self-respect too!

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Neelam Gupta 2018-10-22 18:57:24

NICE BLOG!!! It is very important for teachers & Parents to maintain a Conversation regarding The Child...It is a Duty of parents to Keep in Touch with Child's teacher asking them about his Academic Performance...sports...Cultural everything....ThankYou to the Blogger for such an amazing bolg....👌❤❤

Reply >>

Neelam Gupta 2018-10-22 18:57:24

Thank you Neelam :) Every parent should read this blog!

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Easwari Ramesh 2018-10-22 12:24:19

I really agree your all true words. Parenting is the best feel and experience Parents should motivate their child and they should encourage them. Kids should not be compared with anyone. Each kid may be n a unique style. They followed and copied only by parents. So first parents should be perfect in all disciplines then only kids will followed it in a good manner

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Saran Ramesh 2018-10-21 19:34:54

Really a best one team. All parents must read this. In this I like some words lot that is.. Main mistake by parents is comparison.. So Do not compare ur child with anyone then It hurts us when parents compare their children with their peers. This, in turn, turns into a comparison game between the teachers. Respect individual differences. I agree your all points.

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Trishla Jain 2018-10-18 22:46:59

Great information for confused parents like us. We should not compare our child to anyone and add more stress to their lives.

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Archana Archana 2018-10-18 21:01:13

This is a wonderful article. Something that struck a chord immediately. Our mindset is such that we tend to compare our kids to others but it's not right!

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Meena Mishra 2018-10-17 22:33:48

I urge all parents to read & share this. we should not interfere with how teachers deal with our parents.

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Meena Mishra 2018-10-17 22:33:48

Absolutely agree!

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Ghazala Naseem 2018-10-17 19:30:03

Nice article , can understand as I am a Teacher and a Mom both , know what a teacher goes through when parents do not cooperate . It should be a joint effort to bring out the best in a child .

Reply >>

Ghazala Naseem 2018-10-17 19:30:03

Wow! The I know you can totally relate to it! :)

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Suneeta 2018-10-17 09:06:55

Great information for #ConfusedParents! Earlier days parents would not interfere much with the teacher's Parenting styles. With fewer kids & much more pampering, we parents strongly prefer our child is treated the same way he/she is even at our home. Which obviously isn't possible.

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Shaifali Kothari 2018-10-17 00:24:10

It's awesome..we should not compare our kids to others..as all kids have something different and unique in themselves! We as parents puch our children into the mad rat race & then fret about the increased stress levels in kids that cause other problems like obesity, BP, autoimmune diseases and more.. We should let our children live their childhood just as we did!

Reply >>

Tanya Motwani 2018-10-16 10:43:09

Wow.. It's really very good.. Thanks for highlighting what are the Teachers 👨‍🏫 Opinion.. & also the relationship between Parents & Teachers.. We shouldn't compare our child to anyone.. All children are unique in their own ways!

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Thank you for the comment!