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Night ZooKeeper – A Game Changer

Published on: 21 July , 2022 | Kanchan V

“My child doesn’t like reading.” “My child cannot frame a story of his own even in the 5th grade”. “My daughter’s spellings are a disaster”. “How do I make my kids imagination skills go higher?” “I want to enable my daughter to be glued to activity-based programs”. Whoaaa…..that’s a lot of questions and worries. Sorry about that! But, infact at some point of time we are all going to go through this, or are rather going through this phase right now. Read more to know about the Night ZooKeeper – A Game Changer.

Wont it be wonderful to have a tool at hand which can handle all of these concerns with ease? The crux of the situation is how to motivate the kids to take it up on their own? An interactive tool which enables them to think on their own. Maybe by way of providing thousands of fun and engaging lessons, challenges and games. Parents and Teachers your search ends here. Presenting to you - "Night Zookeeper" - A Program which has the potential of capturing the children’s imagination and can promote a positive reading and writing experience – in and out of school. 

The most common question is “But my child doesn’t like reading or writing! Can this help?” 

In short, yes indeed! Night Zookeeper has been proven over and over to inspire even the most reluctant writers to develop a love of writing. It is just a matter of time, and you will see a sea of difference in your child’s reading, writing and imaginary skills and helps the child unlock their creativity. 

Introduction to Night Zookeeper 

Night Zookeeper.com is an online learning program that helps children start/improve with their reading, writing, imaginative and grammatical skills of your child. 

How it Works 

World-building exercises- There are a host of fun and engaging games that help increase vocabulary and improve spelling. 

Sentence formation- Puzzles and challenges that develop grammar and structure skills. 

Story building tools- The tutors introduce a host of prompts and story creation lessons that spark imaginations. 

How does the journey begin? 

Step 1 

Aim- To grow a rich vocabulary 

They say the best investment you can make for your child is the investment in good education. The inclination to learn & put to practice new words is best inculcated early in life. All renowned writers have a broad and rich vocabulary. The Night Zookeeper program helps your children learn thousands of new words that they can use in their everyday life & inspire other friends / peers to pick-up better language skills.  

Step 2 

Aim- To develop grammar skills 

Once the child learns new words & memorizes them, he or she gets familiar with the correct usage of the same. As they progress to sentence building & interactive games, they are encouraged to short writing challenges which involve more complex sentences. 

Step 3 

Aim- Writing Creative Stories 

Writing exciting stories that can grip your attention is a daunting task. But with the Night Zookeeper, the creative element in the young minds helps the kids put their learning into action. Stories, songs, essays or poems - proudly share your portfolio with your family, friends and a global audience. Grab exclusive books for your child starting US $1.

Night Zookeeper- A Game Changer 

This tool has been endorsed by both the teachers and the parents fraternity. Making Learning fantastically fun and exciting, Night Zookeeper aims to continue the learning process even after the program is over. Thus making writing, reading and imagination skills a lifetime learning process.

Joshua Davidson, Co-Founder & Author of their Book series believes that Night Zookeeper.com brings together a compelling story, innovative digital technology and effective curriculum-aligned educational content to help your child boost their literary skills. 

Why Night Zookeeper? 

There are many tools in the market which vouch for improving literary skills of your child. Then why should you choose Night Zookeeper? Here is why. 

  • In-game awards and competitions -keep the super motivated and excited to learn and thereby helping them to progress steadily. 
  • Complete freedom- Your child will be encouraged to write just about everything. From magical animals to making her favorite pizza. 
  • Genres of writing- All genres of writing are gradually introduced which includes articles, persuasive writing, reports and poetry. 
  • Age group- This program works best for kids aged 6 to 12 years. 
  • Personalized Program- In the Parent dashboard, you can make the Program personalized by punching your child’s age. And then the choics pop up relating to the type of lessons, challenges, games and level of vocabulary. 
  • Progress Monitor- The best highlight of this educational tool is the interactive aspect. You can check your child’s progress by the way of Parent dashboard which helps you view her achievements, and the feedback from her tutor. 
  • Self- Evaluation- The child herself can monitor her performance and if there are any queries she can directly connect with her tutor and get it sorted out. 
  • User-Interface friendly- The tool is a completely user-friendly one as it could be opened across, tablets, PCs and laptops. Although Safari and Google Chrome browsers are preferred by the tutors. 
  • Specialized Program for Special Needs- Gamification has been proven to be extremely beneficial to all children’s learning, more so for children with special needs. This interactive program help them to improve their focus, motivation, engagement and imagination. 
  • Worldschooling- this is a fascinating approach to education and is becoming increasingly popular. With the proper awareness about technology, Worldschooling is a very good revolutionary concept which is yet to be realized. 
  • Parents & Teachers endorsement- This engaging program is endorsed by both parents and teachers. It is loved by thousands of homeschoolers worldwide. You need to check out the reviews on Nightzookeeper.com 

These are the packages they offer: 

Monthly subscription- Rs. 1,020 (You can avail of a 7 day free trial inclusive) 

12 months package – Rs. 800/- per month (You can avail of a 7 day free trial inclusive) 

3 months package- Rs. 900/- per month (You can avail of a 7 day free trial inclusive) 

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Night Zookeeper.com and be prepared to experience a life time of an experience – bringing positive and an exciting outlook when it comes to reading, writing and creative skills.

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Kanchan is a doting mom to two angels and is passionate about writing. With over 3 years of experience in the content space, she strives to push boundaries and balance her personal & professional life well.

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