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R For Rabbit Feather Diapers – Best Baby Diaper In India 2022

Published on: 15 February , 2022 | Ekta

The cuddly-cuddles & the warm hugs! But it never seems enough!

There is something ethereal about new born babies and their oh-so-soft gentle skin. A baby’s soft skin is legendary & pure. Most of us wonder how! When our baby is in the womb, the fetus is covered by a substance called “vermix” that coats the baby’s gentle skin and protects it. While this get’s immediately wiped out after birth, it is essential we as parents try to retain this for our baby as much as possible. Read on to know why we swear by R For Rabbit Feather Diapers.

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We choose products that are not just safe but also gentle for our baby. Besides the baby’s face, a mother is most concerned about ugly and painful diaper rashes that can be dreadful for both the baby & the parents. Incessantly crying all day & night, diaper rashes are the most painful, yet the most AVOIDABLE discomfort. But, how? 

  1. Use diapers that’s are utmost gentle on your baby’s skin
  2. No harmful fragrance in diapers
  3. Colour indication when the baby poops demanding a constant change
  4. Give diaper-free time to your baby during play time
  5. Usage of diaper-rash creams, moisturizing lotions & powders on everyday basis
  6. Choose the best disposable diaper for your baby
  7. Natural home remedies like aloe vera to keep your babies skin hydrated & supple.

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While there are many brands in the market, we recently were introduced to R For Rabbit Feathers Diaper. As the name “Feather” suggests, R For Rabbit offers the best-in-class diapers keeping all your worries at bay.

R For Rabbit Feather Diapers

  1. High absorbency with 10 million pores with 12 hour absorption
  2. Does not irritate the skin
  3. Incredibly breathable thus allowing free air flow even if it is worn for 8 hours in a stretch
  4. Feels super comfortable and lightweight
  5. Thin and not bulky. Feels seamless
  6. Definitely leak proof
  7. Chemical free and suitable to sensitive skin types.
  8. No Phthalates, Chlorine, Parabens & Latex
  9. Great for pre-term babies
  10. Clinically tested & dermatologically tested
  11. Recommended by pediatricians
  12. Fragrance free

All sizes of diapers will be available including XS (which is a tape type diaper) and S, M, L, XL, XXL, which are pant style diapers.

R For Rabbit Aqua Pure Wipes

R For Rabbit Pure Wipes

While travelling, wet wipes are a must-guy for any mom. The convenience or cleaning your baby come handy with wet wipes.

R For Rabbit Baby has recently launched Wet Wipes ensuring your child is not exposed to anything potentially hazardous. You are not using any of those flimsy or abrasive wipes that cause irritation on your child’s skin.

The most sensitive part of you baby's skin is the face & the bum. Only the most pristine and gentle product will suffice. For that Feather Wipes from R for Rabbit is the perfect choice.

  • Feather Pure wipes are plant-based wipes that are 100% biodegradable and contain 99% water.
  • It has no alcohol and is fragrance free.
  • Feather Pure wipes are as soft as a feather which is suitable for the baby’s skin and is also hypoallergenic.
  •  Fragrance free.
  • NO Phthalates, Sulphates & Parabens
  • Feather Aqua wipes contain grapefruit seed extract and have 98% water having a fragrance of Aloe Intense enriched with Vitamin E.
  • It also does not contain alcohol.
  • 99% RO
  • pH balanced
  • Both Feather Pure and Feather Aqua contains packet of 72 wipes.

The R For Rabbit Hygo Bin

Feather like soft diapers & super safe wet wipes; what else would a parent need? Easiest way to dispose the diaper! R For Rabbit has you covered!

R For Rabbit has also launched A Pail for disposing the diaper in the safest way possible! What we love the most about this range?

  • Safest and most Odour-free manner possible
  • A niche product not easily available in the market
  • It is compact and light weight
  • It has one tap smart lid which makes it easy to use.
  • Leak proof trash bag to maintain hygiene
  • Carbon Filter to keep surroundings stink free so there is no smell of diapers in the house.

It is the most hygienic Diaper Pail you will find and it will make disposing off diapers easy. R For Rabbit is here to make a revolutionary change in the diapering space for babies. By choosing R for Rabbit's Feather Diapers, Aqua Wipes and Diaper Pail, you are sure you and your child will enjoy a peaceful night! And what more does a new mom need anyway! Are you dreaming of a good nights’ sleep already? :) Before you do, head to RForRabbit.com & pave way for sweet dreams!

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