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Top 5 R For Rabbit Tricycle For Kids In India

Published on: 12 August , 2022 | Kanchan V

Imagine the twinkle in the eyes of your little one when she hops on to her first ever rider. Sure to be her first love – her Tricycle. Making outdoors a safe and viable option for your little one by introducing her to the wide range of tricycles from R for Rabbit. Gift your little one a bump-free ride outdoors by giving her the best comfort and space to grow and learn. As there is no other better teacher for your child than Mother Nature. The whole of Tricycle range is EN 71 Certified, rest assured that your child is safe and comfy riding in it. The Tricycles Range is huge with more than 10 – 15 models to suit the particular criteria of each parent. We present to you the most popular Top 5 R For Rabbit Tricycle For Kids In India.

Tiny Toes Sportz Plus R For Rabbit Tricycle

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz Tricycyle For Kids

This highly recommended model from R for Rabbit is a must have as it comes with fully loaded features which are simply unmissable. Made with Plug n Play rubber wheels, this tricycle is very easy to assemble. Let us look at the other attractive features of this product

  • Safety

Adhering to the utmost safety standards, this model come with a pedal as well as a wheel lock to ensure that your kid is safe even when you are gone just for a minute.

  • Wheel alignment

The wheels are made from best quality of rubber material, and are equipped with strong and sturdy Plug  n Play EVA Wheels with pedal lock. To make sure that no movement of the Tricycle goes unnoticed by you.

  • 360 degree Rotatable seat

The seat could be rotated a complete 360 degrees, thus making it even more convenient for you to monitor and harness the tricycle your way. It also has a seat belt attached to it, to make sure that your baby is safe and intact.

  • Storage Baskets

Provision of Storage baskets both in the front and back to make your ride a hands-free and a comfortable one.

  • Strong Push Bar

The Push Bar is under full control of the parent, allowing you to adjust the height of the bar to three different positions.

Product Specifications:

Recommended Age- 1.5-5 years

Material – Alloy Steel

Weight capacity- 25kgs

Product Dimensions: 104cms*47.5cms*112cms

Product Weight: 9.9 kgs

Price: Rs. 6,799/-

Ratings 4.5/5

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Kids Baby Tricycle

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Plus Tricycle

This specific model of Tricycle makes your baby’s ride a smooth and comfortable one. Made of sturdy material Steel alloy and wheels made of rubber makes it a must have in your bucket list. The wheels provide such a smooth and soft contact surface that you will be able to step out with confidence and stress free. The 2 point harness system makes it a safe option

 for your child.

  • Safety aspect

EN 71 Certification is the highest Safety Certification that any Baby product could obtain. Thus, R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand Kids Tricycle can certainly be the right choice as it is EN 71 certified.

  • Easy to Assemble

R for Rabbit assures the product designing to be the most user-friendly one; facilitating easy assembling within a few couple of minutes.

  • Spacious Seating

A comfortable and spacious seat equipped with a 2 point safety harness makes it a great option for you.  Attached is a Push Bar which helps you to exercise proper control on the Tricycle. The Push Bar also has a provision for cup holder to place a cup in it.

  • Fold down foot rest

A must-have feature in any Baby Rider, a foot rest which is foldable to make your baby’s comfort our foremost concern.

Product Specifications:

Recommended Age: 18 months – 3 years

Material: Alloy Steel

Maximum weight capacity- 25 kgs

Product Dimensions: 107cms*67cms*48cms

Price: Rs. 6,069/-

Ratings: 4.5/5

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz – the Plug & Play Trike

Looking out for the best Rider for your kid which offers the best safety and comfort? This Tricycle is a sure answer to every parent’s search for a Sporty Tricycle. With a matt finish and an excellent Plug and Play system this Rider lives up to the expectations of both the parents and the toddler.

  • Safety Aspect

R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz complies with all the safety conditions and precautions, and has attained successfully EN 71 Certification from Europe.

  • Foldable Canopy

A Canopy is the distinct feature of this model as it offers protection from the heat and rain and helps your baby to grab a nap while she is on a ride. Canopy being foldable is easy to handle.

  • Comfortable Seat

The seat provided is a secured one as it is safe with 2 point safety harness system. The front bar adds to the comfort as it allows your child to keep her arms and rest it on the front bar.

  • Parental control

The Push Bar allows the parents to have a complete control on the Rider as you can change the direction of the rider as and when required. The Push handle is removable and adjustable as well.

  • Storage basket

A storage basket is provided at the back side to help you keep the baby stuff while you are engaged with the baby.

  • Foot rest

A foldable foot rest for your baby’s feet to rest and relax. So let your child sit back and enjoy her ride.

Product Specifications:

Recommended Age: 18 months upto 5 years

Material: Steel alloy

Maximum Weight Capacity- 28 kgs

Product Dimensions: 104cms*65cms*48cms

Price: Rs. 7,149/-

Ratings: 4.5/5

Tiny Toes Tricycle

Tiny Toes Tricycle is the basic variant of tricycle for your baby. Equipped with the basic features of a Tricycle it sure does give both the parents as well as the baby the comfort and secured feeling. The seat belt is attached to the seat which offers a 2 point safety harness system.

  • Safety aspect

The R for Rabbit Tricycle is a safe and has secured certification from EN71. it ensures that every minor safety aspect of the baby is taken care of.

  • Scope for growth

Tiny Toes Tricycle grows with your baby. The adjustable seat height makes this possible. You can introduce to kids aged 1.5 years and upto 5 years of age.

  • Play & Plug Wheels

The Play & Plug Wheels with chrome finishing makes the Rider look attractive. The Rider can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • 5 Mins Installation

With minimum parts to be assembled and with the help of the video manual, assembling this Tricycle could be a job lasting not more than 5-10 minutes. Making life simple for parents.

  • Comfortable Seat

A spacious seat has a seat belt attached to it so that you need not worry about your little one. It has 1 point safety harness to provide good support to your little one.

Product Specifications:

Recommended Age: 18 months upto 5 years

Material type: Plastic

Maximum weight capacity: 25kgs

Product Dimensions:67cms*55cms*44cms

Product weight: 5kg 160g

Price: Rs.4,699/-

Ratings: 4.2/5

Tiny Toes Sportz Lite

Tiny Toes Lite Tricyle

Want to secure your tiny one’s ride? And at the same time make it a comfortable one to handle it as well? R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Sportz tricycle for kids is made with utmost care to bring in more smiles and joy in the life of your little one. 2 point safety harness system and the over head canopy make the riding time very safe.

  • Safety first

It is certified with EN71 and IS9873 to make the tricycle time a more enjoyable one.

  • Cute canopy

The overhead canopy helps you give the extra protection from harsh sunrays and also provide a cover for your kid if she falls asleep during the stroll.

  • Stylish Push Bar

In the front there is a Push Bar which allows the baby to rest her hands on it and also helps the parent to take control of the moving Rider. It is also removable and adjustable.

  • Plug & Play Wheels

This feature makes it even more safe and viable option for both moms and children.

  • Cushioned seat with front bar

The seat is safe and secured by the provision of 2 point safety harness system. The front bar helps the baby to hold on and thus preventing from fall or injury.

  • easy to assemble

The ease of assembling the tricycle makes it a very convenient one.

Product Specifications:

Recommended Age: 18 months upto 5 years

Material: Steel

Maximum weight capacity: 25 kgs

Item weight: 12kg 500 gms

Product Dimensions: 108cms*65cms*46cms

Price: Rs. 6,569/-

Ratings: 5/5

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