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The Best Online Math Education For Kids In India – CueMath

Published on: 12 September , 2020 | Ekta

  • Over 25 million classes.
  • Over 40,000 students.
  • Over 5000 centres in India.
  • Maximum of 6 students per batch.
  • Outstanding Brain Training & Math Games.

We are talking about The Best Online Math Education For Kids In India – CueMath.

CueMath - Best Online Math Program For Kids

Many kids today are terrified and nervous about solving problems. The fear of numbers gives them a cold nerve. Mathematics on the contrary is about understanding the concepts & applying logic. Children who adopt the rote style of learning Maths without learning it’s logic & application, often struggle as they move to higher grades.

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Unfortunately, the concepts of what we learn in our childhood is applied in our everyday lives – from stock market to budgeting our monthly expenses. Research has proved the over 90% of a child’s brain is developed before he / she turns 6. So, it’s important we capitalize on this opportunity and introduce new concepts to our kids early in life for better retention.

One-on-one coaching for kids

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How Does CueMath change your child’s life?

Learning concepts early in life has immense benefits like –

  • Better retention. Better memory.
  • Better attention span.
  • Quicker in calculation.
  • Better reasoning & logic.
  • Better cognitive abilities.
  • Better self-confidence

How To Introduce the Math concepts:

To make it fun, CueMath introduces concepts by way of

  • Games & Puzzles
  • Creative reasoning
  • Sudoku Crosswords
  • Chess, Ken Ken, Tangrams
  • Tab-based activity skills
  • Interactive learning
  • Worksheets
  • Mental aptitude
  • Counting, Sorting.
CueMath Teacher - Live Session

CueMath: The Best Online Math Education For Kids

* The CueMath curriculum is designed by experts from IIT, IIM, Harvard and Cambridge.

* 90% children display a 2x increase in logical learning through this medium.

* They promote visual and conceptual learning.

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Best Online Coding Classes For Kids – CueMath Program

CueMath has introduced online coding classes for kids. Quoting a real life experience, Krishna, aged 10 years can now create his own version of “SUPERHERO SAVE” and “KICKBALL” game all by his own with little guidance. Isn’t that amazing? Thinking of what we learnt when we were 10years, children are blessed with bountiful opportunities to grasp & equip themselves as we are accelerating towards a fast-paced technology-driven digital world.

Cuemath Coding Class For Kids

Children aged 6-16 can enrol for coding classes. While digital is the only way forward, it has become essential to give our children the opportunities and exposure to skills & courses that will help them get that EDGE that will help them accelerate their learning curve much beyond the regular academic curriculum.

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Reviews & Testimonials:

Neetu Kochar, Chennai – CueMath Teacher

I have been a CueMath Teacher since 2 years and I enjoy teaching children the concepts that helps them build a string foundation. Keeps my mind ticking and I love the happiness I derive out of seeing children learn new concepts everyday.

Bhavna, Chennai : Age 9 – Student

My mother enrolled me in CueMath Summer Camp because I was getting bored. I loved it so much that I continued with regular classes every week after that. I am not scared of numbers. I answer confidently in class. Thank you CueMath.

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  • So, if you want to see the same confidence in your child,
  • If you want to inculcate the habit of acquiring new concepts, build logical & out-of-the box thinking,
  • If you want to keep your child pre-occupied in this wake of pandemic, It is time you should REGISTER FOR A FREE DEMO CLASS NOW - Visit Cuemath.
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