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The Green Acres Academy – A School With A Difference

Published on: 18 October , 2019 | Ekta

What does it take to develop a child’s true potential? A good school goes beyond that. In an era where we want to live our unfulfilled dreams of music, sports and plenty more through our children, constantly urging them to do more and learn faster, early years of education play a pivotal role. We bring to you one such emerging school which has won several accolades and awards and is considered one of the best Primary Schools in Mumbai. Read more about The Green Acres Academy A School With A Difference

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Some of the awards won by the Green Acres Academy are –

  • Top Emerging School Award in 2015
  • Best Architecture by Asia Fest in 2015
  • NewTech Age User – Top 5 in India 2017
  • Ranked No. 4 in Maharashtra for the 'Parent's Choice Award' – Survey by EducationToday.co 2019
  • Ranked No. 12 in Mumbai (and 16 in Maharashtra) for the 'Top 20 ICSE Schools' - Survey by EducationToday.co 2019
  • Eldrok India K-12 Awards for Excellence in Value Education Programs - 2019

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Have the kids won any awards at the National level?

  • Trisha Jagtap from Grade 3 had qualified for the National School Chess Championship this year
  • Tanish Dalvi placed 1st in the Boys Under-14 category of the AISM Regional Shooting Competition 2019

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The Green Acres Academy has a carefully designed curriculum to nurture free-thinking individuals who are rooted in humanistic values of caring for their fellow man. Bringing the international elements and Indian values in synergy, this school adopts the Outcome-based approach to education.


1. Pre- primary school

2. Junior school

3. Middle school

4. Senior school

About the Founder – Rohan Parikh

Meet Rohan Parikh has attained a BSc in Economics from Wharton Business School, an MBA from INSEAD, and has more than 10 years of experience in the Real Estate and Hospitality industries. In 2013 Mr. Parikh entered the field of education by founding The Green Acres Academy in Chembur, and simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Education through Johns Hopkins University.

Founded in 2013 by The Acres Foundation, The Green Acres Academy aims to fill the gaps in their educational systems in a very pragmatic way - by keeping the parts that work, and adding a diverse range of extra-curriculars for holistic education & development of the young minds.

The Green Acres Academy brings together the best of Indian and International education to nurture well-rounded, free-thinking, capable individuals who are rooted in humanistic values of caring for their fellow man.

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What we love the most about The Green Acres Academy

Circle Teaching –

In most schools a teacher teaches lessons on a blackboard in front of the class. Students are expected to follow the lessons and understand them correctly. Here teachers sit at the same level as children to build a relationship based on affectionate, empathetic conversations and personal knowledge of each one.

  1. Building designed so as to allow for maximum natural sunlight and natural ventilation for ideal studying conditions. Air conditioners are used to maintain optimal temperatures.
  2. No compromise on safety & infrastructure
  3. Performing arts centre and large play areas
  4. Counselling centre
  5. Smart classrooms
  6. Well-equipped labs
  7. CCTV monitoring – classrooms & play area
  8. Resistance to earthquake & fire
  9. Safe transportation with female bus attendant, GPS tracking and on bus CCTV cameras
  10. Strict entry & exit policy
  11. The teachers have a mandatory 25-day training period
  12. Empowering parent partnerships by conducting workshops at school
  13. A multi-sensorial approach to teaching helps children learn better, and retain what they learn longer.

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Location & Branches The school has 2 branches in Mumbai (ICSE board) & 1 in Pune (CBSE board). If you would like to enquire about admission, visit TGAA to know more or call (022) 6842 0062.

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