Top 5 Gynaecologists in Chennai

Top 5 Gynaecologists in Chennai

No two women share the same experience during their pregnancy. Every parent is excited anticipating their joy towards their journey of parenthood. You have endured the tension these 9 months can cause. You may have thought of baby names. But have you thought of which gynecologist of specialist to choose? We have curated a list with the top 5 Gynaecologists in Chennai just for you.

You should be able to gauge if your specialist has the time & patience to answer your questions. For many doctors, an expecting mother is just another patient, but for a new mommy-to-be it is a once in a life time experience to nurture a child in her womb. Hence, it is pivotal to choose a good gynecologist who understands your needs & more importantly is available to attend to you in case of any emergency.

Top 5 Gynecologists in Chennai

The fetal development right from conception to birth should be tracked meticulously & only a good & experienced doctor can detect the occurrence of an abnormality in the brain or physical development. The journey towards motherhood can be stressful at times, hence choose your obstetrician wisely. We have articulated the best gynecologists in town. The below list collated is in no particular order. It is based on patient reviews, experience in handling complicated cases & facilities available at the particular hospital or clinic.


Reluctant to pick the scissors, Dr. Shantha is known for performing successful normal deliveries. A phenomenon very rare these days. Owing to her rich experience in gynecology, Dr. Shantha ensures a healthy & perfect development for her baby. She keeps it short & crisp, but is always there to guide you when there is a complication. Dr. Tara, who also focuses on normal deliveries. Patient & simple, Dr. Tara is also one of the senior doctors of Sundaram Medical Foundation. Although the hospital may not have luxurious décor like the premium stand-alone birthing boutiques, it certainly has all the facilities that is a pre-requisite for a comfortable and convenient delivery.


Dr. Jaishree is one of the Top 5 Gynecologists in Chennai, who was associated with Malar Hospitals is now also consulting at Motherhood Hospital. The journey to Motherhood starts not when the baby is born but when you are planning pregnancy. Dr. Jayshree Gajaraj understands the importance of a mother’s holistic health. She appreciates an expecting mother to check for basic glucose levels, RBC count & Thyroid levels while planning pregnancy. A healthy mother can give birth to a healthy baby.


Many mothers who prefer delivering at Apollo for a safe delivery, trust Dr. Nirmala Jayashankar for her experience in gynecology. Apollo which is one of the most preferred hospitals as it is equipped with the latest technology. Detection of abnormalities & dealing with complications is not an uncommon task with the panel of experienced doctors.


If you are looking for a friendly doctor with oodles of experience (a rarity given that all doctors are very busy & may have little or no time to answer all your questions), you should consult Dr. Uma Ram who is patient with all her patients. Looking for a pocket friendly but equally good doctors, consider this hospital.


One of the most senior doctors in town, Dr. Geetha also helps in treatment of infertility & IVF treatment is one of the Top 5 Gynaecologists in Chennai. When many couples pin their hopes on alternative methods of family planning, Dr. Geetha is one of the few doctors who are on their wishlist.

Top 5 Gynecologists in Chennai, Best Gynaecologist

We cannot avoid mentioning Dr. Gita Arjun from E V Kalyani hospital who has recently retired (in 2013 at the age of 60), does not consult any patients. Her success stories of performing normal deliveries had made her one of the most sort-after doctors of her time. In an era where c-sections are more common than normal deliveries, Dr. Gita and her team make way for a normal birthing process almost effortlessly.


Cloudnine & Apollo Royal Cradle

They are the two most premium birthing boutiques in the city. With their premium facilities like yoga & lamaze classes, scanning & delivery rooms, they render a luxurious experience for just not the mother but also to the entire family eg. Suite rooms furnished with a comfortable sofa, TV, refrigerator and other state-of-the art amenities that will make your experience memorable. Some of the other well-known hospitals equipped with good facilities for maternity include Fortis Malar, Vijaya, Mehta Nursing Home & Venkateswara Hospital. However, individual experience matters the most.


While we bring to you the Top 5 Gynaecologists in Chennai, based on people’s opinion, we will be happy to hear back from you on your experience with these doctors or your gynecologist who helped you through your pregnancy. Your opinion can help other women take the most important decision of their life.

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