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UniApply- The Best School Admission Platform In India

Published on: 16 March , 2022 | Ekta

UniApply- The Best School Admission Platform In India It is that time of the year when some parents are plagued and bogged down by one of the most important decisions they will make for their child. Yes! The school that their child will go to. With limited energy and resources, gathering all the details needed to make an informed decision is daunting. There is also a niggling doubt that exists in every parent’s mind whether there is something they are missing out on for their precious little one. Are you confused where to apply and what all to look for in a school? What is the process parents currently follow while searching for a school?
  • Prioritize what they want for their child and come up with some parameters like proximity, board, etc.
  • Make a list of schools that they would like to consider.
  • Visit each school and get the application form.
  • Mine the Internet or their network for information about the potential school regarding the parameters.
  • Keep track of important dates and timelines
  • Visit the schools selected to submit application forms
  • Go through with final admission process and then select the school after researching on different networks like
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Internet
    • Neighborhood
Some of the issues with the above-mentioned journey are
  • Keep track of multiple dates and timelines
  • Physically check out multiple schools and compare parameters manually
  • Submit multiple application forms and follow up.
  • Search for information regarding the schools from various sources.
We have come across a unique platform that will solve all these problems at one go. Introducing to you UniApply – The School Admission Platform. What is UniApply? UniApply is a school admission platform that bridges the gap between parents and schools for children. This platform is a boon for parents who want to do a thorough comparison and come to an informed decision regarding the school for their child. Let’s see why UniApply is every parent’s boon. Some of the salient features of UniApply are listed below:
  1. The schools can be explored based on the city you reside in.
  1. When you choose the city, you can see the number of schools that are available to explore in the platform.
  1. Different filters which will help the parent prioritize their search are available. Filters are designed to cover all aspects of school search like Fee Ranges, Board of the school, Format of the school, locality, language of instruction, etc. You can search the right combination of filters with more than 26 parameters.
  1. Once the different filters are applied, a list of schools that meet all the criteria are displayed as a list and can be checked.
  1. Once a school is clicked, a whole gamut of information about the school is at the fingertip of the parent searching. A parent can shortlist a school for future reference, request to be notified about important dates or even compare that school with other schools.
  1. There are other approaches a parent can take while looking for schools that is by browsing through schools in a locality by clicking as shown below
  1. If a parent wishes to see the school on the map, that facility is available as well. The results can be sorted by popularity and distance.
  1. Admission Tracker is a place where by date, information about school deadlines is available. Parents can see deadlines for all schools or for the schools they have shortlisted or chosen to get notified about when they were browsing about the school. The tracker can also be displayed by academic year as well as by the class that you’re looking to admit your child into.
  1. One of the most useful features in UniApply is the Compare Schools section. The comparison for the schools is displayed for all the Key School Stats that were displayed for every school. What is a huge value add, is the popular comparisons that are shown in the same page which gives the parents a pulse, as to what other parents are searching and comparing, which will help them not miss out on a good school?
  1. There is a wealth of information available on UniApply which are related to schools, teachers and students.
To provide a personalized experience, there is a feature called ‘My Dashboard’ which parents can log into using their email address or with their Google mail address. This is the place where parents can see where they have submitted forms, done payment and submitted applications in order to be able to track their activities regarding the school admissions in one place. Also read Best CBSE Schools In Bangalore. Remarkable assets/features from UniApply
  • Some of the important value adds from UniApply apart from easing the whole application process in terms of tracking are the key insights that are available in the platform.
  • This is available in the form of the activities by other uses like the compare option or the popularity option.
  • Every parent won’t have a network in which they can ask about schools especially in the case of parents who have moved cities.
  • Such a platform will provide a much-needed sense of community and a network that has exactly what a parent is looking for.
  • The relevant details about schools, insights, popularity and searches make this platform a boon for confused parents.
Conclusion: While choosing a school is an important decision, with the help of a platform like UniApply, you can make an informed choice for your little one. Searching, applying, comparing and tracking your school applications will be a breeze using this unique platform and simplify the process considerably. Without being bogged down by all the tracking and searching, parents can keep their focus on what is really important which is whether the school is a perfect fit for their child. Wishing all parents, a stress-free school hunting process and good luck to the precious children embarking on new journeys!
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