I Wanted A Baby Girl But God Knew I Need A Boy

I Wanted A Baby Girl But God Knew I Need A Boy

Even before we planned our first baby, I wanted a Baby girl. Even till the last push, I wished for a girl.

As soon as the baby was out, I asked my surgeon if it’s a girl or a boy while I was crossing my fingers. I wanted to hear “It’s a girl”.

But God had some other plans for me; God knew I need a boy and not a girl.

Not to stay with me in the old age, not to take care of outdoor work, not to protect our family, not to take our family surname forward but to prove my point.

I always had something about gender bias. I just can’t take it.

I wanted a baby girl but God knew I need a Boy

Include me in a debate on any topic involving gender inequality and I cannot stop. Though I have willingly stopped from involving in such controversial discussions even then I cannot witness the same as a silent observer.

I think by gifting me a baby boy, God gave me a chance to prove my point.

God gave me a chance to set an example.

God gave me a chance to apply what all I say.


Now, I am so grateful that I have a boy and here are the few things I want to see in him:

  • Kind to his sibling (which I am secretly wishing a girl)

I have observed elder brothers of my many female friends who used to dominate over them or restrict them unreasonably. I wish my Son to be kind for his Sister/Brother.


  • Compassionate with his wife

There are many men who are not compassionate towards their wives and their needs. I wish my Boy to be kind. I wish he would not be like a fair-weather friend but to stay with her and care for her even in the upset and unhappy times.

  • Helping at Home

A man at Home is always seen busy with newspaper or TV or Books whereas a Woman does not even get 5 mins of time to spend for their own. I wish my Boy to be equally helping for both household work and outdoor work so that his female counterparts get enough time to relax and for their self-growth.

  • Respectful to both the genders

I wish my Boy to be respectful for Men and Women. I wish him to use a decent language when referring a woman and not to reflect Misogyny, which is so common these days.

  • Be dependable

I wish my Boy to be a dependable person on whom his Friends and Family can always count on.

  • Stand against anything disappointing- violence, immorality, rigid biased customs and stereotypes (just as his Mother does)

I wish my Boy voices his opinions in unbiased way & not be just a silent spectator.

I wish my Boy stands up to truth.

I wish my Boy follows the correct path, no matter how hard.


  • A responsible Father

I wish my Boy grew up to be a responsible Father who would take efforts to learn about his role and responsibilities as Parent and make his