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Why is Yodacart better than Flipkart?

Published on: 21 July , 2022 | Kanchan V

Augmented Rality With Yodacart

To make Life easier, we have invented a host of gadgets. In any average household we can find atleast a score of electronic gadgets- right from the basic mixer grinder to a modern appliance such as an air purifier. Our lifestyle and demands are so evolving, that with every passing phase we need an upgradation. In every field of life – be it salary, job profile, and comfort too.

To take care of the comfort and affordability aspects of the common Indian household, there needs to be an appropriate assessment of one’s needs. Life becomes a chaos if we do not make the right choice. So now the important question arises, where, when and how?

Why Is Yodacart Better Than Flipkart?

With Online deals flocking the digital market, there is a constant and an increasing trend shift from store shopping to online shopping. This is why:

Why Online Shopping is become so popular?

  • Online deals are always a stealer; in terms of product range, prices and product availability.
  • The websites usually give the product description and specifications; allowing us to take an informed and wise decision before we invest in any appliance.
  • Many online stores waive off sales tax and/or shipping costs to lure the customers and keep them glued with attractive deals from time to time.
  • The cost of running an online store is always lower when compared to running a store.

There are many online stores & websites which have to offer a variety of options. At times we are at a loss of making a decision even if we have a world of options. We wonder if we could have a right-hand who could understand and help us out in making the right choice.

How should I make the right choice?

Artificial Intelligence. Is that a term which is doing the buzz today? Yes, it is. And that’s the future. And imagine shopping with Artificial Intelligence as your guide? Making your shopping super easy and cool? Making sure that no criteria is left untouched. Let us explain how Artificial Intelligence can work hand-in-hand with your shopping?

Yodacart vs Flipkart

Yodacart has clearly the best deals to offer with 100% transparency and trust. If we had to compare with a leading Online portal like Flipkart, then it’s a clear hands down win for Yodocart. We can prove you with figures showing you the difference between Yodocart and Flipkart.

Product- LG 675 L Frost Free RefrigeratorPriceWarrantyFreezer CapacityBuilt-in CompressorEnergy efficient ratingsFresh Food Capacity
FlipkartRs. 22,090/-1 year + 10 years for compressor35LYes5 Star200L
YodacartRs. 19,299/-1 year + 10 years for compressor35Lyes5 Star200L
Product- Godrej  231L Frost Free Double DoorPriceWarrantyFreezer CapacityBuilt-in CompressorEnergy Efficient RatingFresh Food Capacity
FlipkartRs. 18,990/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor61LReciprocatory Compressor 171L
YodacartRs. 13,000/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor61LReciprocatory Compressor 171L
Product- Whirlpool 245L Direct Cool Single DoorPriceWarrantyFreezer CapacityBuilt-in CompressorEnergy Efficient RatingFresh Food Capacity
FlipkartR. 23.490/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor47LInvertible Compressor4 Star198L
YodacartRs. 22,099/-1 year warranty and 10 years on compressor47LInvertible Compressor4 Star198L

All the above examples are just an example of how Yodacart offers fabulous deals on products of every category. So hands down Yodacart becomes the pioneer in the best Online deals.

What makes Artificial Intelligence so unique?

Imagine you have to buy a Refrigerator, for example, and there is a guide who helps you out step-by-step in the selection process. Yodacart helps you find out the most suitable product in seconds. They have introduced Yoda ( the super excellent AI engine) which can recommend the most suitable products for your needs. It will prompt you to attempt the following questions:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. How many members stay with you in your house?
  3. How would you rate your current electricity bill?
  4. Do you use frozen foods regularly?
  5. Are you looking for high end smart fridges?

We are all surrounded by technology; and Yodacart is trying its best to bring it in the form of Artificial Intelligence. To make your shopping experience an enjoyable and a hassle-free one, you need to just log in to Yodacart. The one stop destination for all your Electronic Appliances.

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Kanchan is a doting mom to two angels and is passionate about writing. With over 3 years of experience in the content space, she strives to push boundaries and balance her personal & professional life well.

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