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Why should every new parent consider cloth diapers?

Published on: 20 August , 2020 | Ekta

There are umpteen options available in the market today from which you can choose the most suitable diaper for your baby. There are disposable diapers, cloth diapers and even new environment-friendly hybrid nappies. It’s about time that we make the switch to the recent options and specifically cloth diapers. But Why Should A New Mom Consider Cloth diapers? Read on.

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Why Should A New Mom Consider Cloth Diapers?

Choosing cloth diapers for your babies today can help create a clean and green future for them. Furthermore, they are safe for the babies and lighter on your pocket too. There are other reasons as to why you must make conscious choices. These include:

Safe option for babies

Your baby’s delicate skin is in constant contact with the nappies you make them wear. Hence, it is important to invest in a safe option. Eco-friendly cloth diapers are free from harmful toxins and chemicals. 

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Environment friendly

On an average, a kid uses nearly 5000 diapers. The plastic in regular diapers may take 300 to 500 years to decompose. A few hours of usage causes long-lasting harm to the environment. Our environment is already in a pitiable state. By opting for cloth diapers, we are contributing to a cleaner environment. They can be washed and reused until the cloth wears out which significantly decreases the waste generated on a daily basis simply by using disposable diapers.  

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Value for money option

Cloth diapers may seem expensive initially but these are 74% cheaper than disposable diapers since you just need 16 diapers for a baby for his/her entire diapering lifetime. Since cloth diapers are a one time investment, they are an extremely cost effective option.

Reduced diaper rashes

Since cloth diapers are made of just 100% pure cloth, babies can escape the itchy and burning diaper rashes.

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SuperBottoms- India’s No.1 Brand Of Reusable Cloth Diapers

SuperbBottoms is an all moms team passionate about making the best cloth diapers for babies. The cloth diapers are designed after a lot of experimentation with the diaper design, fabric to be used and the features that could be incorporated in the diaper. Superbottoms features as India’s No.1 Brand for reusable Cloth Diapers under Amazon bestsellers list. It has been voted #1 brand by moms 3 years in a row by KSP awards 2017, 2018 and 2019. The team is looking forward to #MakeClothMainstream in India.

What makes Superbottoms diapers stand out?

* Skin friendly- 0 harmful chemicals

* Staydry with SuperDryFeel™ technology

* Waterproof multisize outer- An adjustable diaper outer which works for 3 Months - 3 Years

* Super absorbent- Lasts upto 12 hours 

* Sustainable- 300+ times reusable/ washable

* Economical- Save 74% on your diapering costs

* Eco Friendly- Made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton

Surprisingly awesome SuperBottoms UNO


CPSIA standing for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was passed in the US to regulate the standards of all products being made for children under the age of 12 years. In India, SuperBottoms is the first and only CPSIA tested and certified cloth diaper. They bet on their ingenious and copyrighted prints to surely put a smile on your face. Each design has a desi feel attached to it, along with a backstory and is bound to take you down to your childhood memories or just simply feed the movie or sports buff in you!

When it comes to your baby, no question is or query is menial. All the moms at SuperBottoms understand this and a reflection of that is their 24 hours dedicated helpline support. You can call or WhatsApp for any assistance relating to cloth diapering. Furthermore, they have a closed and fast growing Facebook Support Group called ‘Superbottoms Family’ with 32,000+ engaged members.

SuperBottoms has different types of cloth diapers catering to the needs of each baby while also keeping in mind the parent preferences. They come in two sizes- Newborn and Freesize. All the diapers range between INR 649 and INR 890. By making this wise choice, your child only uses about 15 to 16 diapers in their lifetime which is a marked difference considering you change a newborn’s diaper about ten times in a day!

Happy Parenting! ☺

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