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Efficient Learning Methods While We Stay Safe At Home With AOL (Always On Learning)

Published on: 31 May , 2021 | Ekta

The word ‘Effective’ means – “Accomplishment of a desired result”.

The word “Efficient” means – “Capability of producing a desired result to the best of your ability be means of a well-structured & planned manner”

The question is do you want your child to learn “Effectively” or “Efficiently”?

In an era, our children are adapting to digital learning, irrespective of whether you like it or not, the concern most parents have is that – Is this “helping” or “harming” my child more.

Every coin is two profile. While there are numerous benefits of learning online, we as parents want to ensure that the “screen-time” is minimized & well-utilized. In the wake of this pandemic, digital learning is here to stay. So instead of fretting, we should look to optimize our child’s time spent on the screen. Here are the Efficient Learning Methods While We Stay Safe At Home With AOL (Always On Learning).

Efficient Learning Methods While We Stay Safe At Home With AOL (Always On Learning)

Why Is Learning Online Challenging?

  • Reduced span of Concentration
  • Lack of 1-on-1 interaction
  • Old-school / conventional methodology of teaching
  • Distracted by movements in the surroundings / conversations at home
  • Child cannot clarify his / her doubt instantly
  • There will be challenges in one’s life – big & small. Don’t let these challenges bog you down. As a parent you can make learning easy & interesting for you child. How?

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Efficient Learning Methods While We Stay Safe At Home With AOL (Always On Learning)

Integrating of Animation (Motion & Sound)

Research has proved that what you see visually Vs. what you read textually has a 70% higher concentration & retention. Make learning fun & “efficient” by integrating sound, patterns, colours, child’s favourite characters that grab the child’s attention. Visual form of learning combined with the right chords of music is the perfect blend for making learning fun & easy. Imagine learning about “Space” with seeing the planets revolving around the sun. This makes your content more relatable, realistic & retention quotient goes up significantly.

Discover Your Child’s Interest

Your child may have your DNA but not necessarily your interests. He or she may have a better knack to learn a foreign language faster. Introduce new concepts early in life. Perhaps, she enjoys dance over Math; that’s absolutely fine. She should pursue her interest to excel in what she can do her best. Accelerate learning by letting your child choose her dream.

Build The Comfort Factor

It’s scientifically proven that many children who develop a dislike towards a subject is because of the teacher. Ironically, leading to poor grades due to fear or other factors that affect the child psychologically. It is important for a tutor to build trust & be perceived as a guide who is friend. At AOL, the 1-on-1 classes ensure that your child gets undivided attention & the teacher builds a good rapport which expedites learning. The 1-to-5 group learning ensures group size is smaller & the child learns from other children of his age.

Why AOL?


The idea behind AOL (Always On Learning) is to ensure that students spend this time wisely & productively. Motivating children to learn can be quite a task, but when teaching is personalized, lessons made captivating and teachers who are more friends than educators, then learning becomes unstoppable. But why AOL?

Pocket Friendly Courses:

AOL ensures that learning is within everyone’s reach. With courses starting at Rs.499, you can choose courses tailor made to suit your child’s interest.

At Your Convenient Schedules:

1-on-1 personal sessions or group classes that can be scheduled as per timings that suit your schedule the best. With flexible timings, your child will not miss any class due to poor network or an overlap with your regular school classes.

Holistic Development:

From Science, Art & theatre, Numeracy, Robotics, Fitness, Dance, Language Skills (English, Hindi & French) & Public Speaking, the learning is beyond academics. Simplify complex concepts with innovative techniques mastered through decades of primary teaching experience.

Undivided Attention For Uninterrupted Learning

While most students struggle with 1:50 class ratio, unable to clear their doubts, AOL ensures faster uninterrupted learning with 1-on-1 Live Classes and smaller 1-5 Live Group Classes.

Online Courses/Classes Offered By AOL

English Classes Online

Always On Learning English Online Class

Online English Courses helps you build a good foundation for your child. While English is given prime importance as the base to learn any subject, it is essential to understand Math Classes & Science Courses online as well.

Math Classes Online

Math Online Courses For Kids

Many children struggle to cope with understanding Math concepts whilst a larger audience of 30-50 kids in a class. Personalized attention for Math in 2nd class or 8th Standard Maths is comprehensively taught at AOL. With the help of diagrams, videos & animation, learning online becomes fun & easy to comprehend.

Science Courses Online

Learn Science Courses Online

Parents know that children embrace new learnings & concepts of Science for Class 5 or Class 6. Higher classes from 6th / 7th Standard Science (Botany / Zoology / Physics / Chemistry) are subjects children often need additional support to understand & deliver with perfection.

Dance Classes Online

Learn Dance Online

While academics is placed at the pinnacle, online dance classes are getting popular. Kids dance classes across various styles like free style, hip hop, zumba, bollywood, bharatnatiyam, ballet are popular dance forms that bring in flexibility in your child. Making sure your children are not couch potatoes, AOL has a line-up of some amazing online dance courses to get your child up & moving!    

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Also, AOL has various courses for adults & senior citizens. So now, while you are at home, make the best use of your time & grab this opportunity to learn something new!

To register call 9972733086 or visit AOL to book a free demo.

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