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Badhaai Ho: Love Has No Age, So Let’s Not Have ‘Pregnant’ Pauses

Published on: 23 October , 2018 | Ekta

What happens when a young, married couple announces their pregnancy? Congratulatory messages and sweets flow in and the family elders showering their blessings over the to-be parents. But what happens when a much older couple with two grown up children say that they’re pregnant again? Whispers follow and the matter is hushed, with the family and society shaming and making fun of the couple. But why the two contrasting reactions, when in both cases, the news is a ‘good news?’ Badhai Ho asks this very question to the masses. Why is love, romance and sex suddenly a taboo in our country when associated with an older couple? Jeetender Kaushik (Gajraj Rao) is a ticket collector with the railways who lives in New Delhi with his wife(Neena Gupta), mother(the brilliant Surekha Sikri) and two grown children, Nakul and Gullar (AyushmannKhurrana and Shardul Rana respectively). Life goes on as it usually does till Mr and Mrs Kaushik announce that a little one is on the way. What follows are very realistic reactions from the elderly mother, children, neighbours and the society in general . How the family learns to accept the news and come together as a team forms the rest of the story. The movie handles the subject extremely well. The characters are genuine, the cast does justice to their roles and the story has well-timed jokes that will leave you in splits. The message that is dished out is light and airy, and is not pushed down our throats. As we left the theatre, we were left thinking: Why should we feel embarrassed at an older couple’s (especially our parent’s) display of love and affection to each other? Isn’t it a healthy sign that their relationship is going strong? Why is it a preconceived notion that only youngsters can be virile while senior citizens should spend their time listening to Anup Jalota? (Even he has broken out of his stereotypic image). It’s true that we cannot help but feel shy or embarrassed if we see our parents get a bit cosy and we definitely cannot imagine them having sex, let alone get pregnant again. But Badhai Ho wants us to change that. It shows us that cuddling up to your spouse even when the hair is grey is #relationshipgoals and not something to cringe about. It tells us that whether you like it or not, you must stick by your family. It also conveys that a simple apology goes a long way. What makes this film likeable is the genuinity with which its made. Chemistry flows between the older couple more than the younger one and relationships are handled well. Let’s not forget that little hugs, gentle touches and compliments are essential to keep the fire in a marriage burning. Have you wondered why most senior couples love the song “Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen” from the movie Waqt. Because everyone loves the idea of eternal love. No one wants to be that boring, old, bickering couple, after all. So watch Badhai Ho. Watch it with your parents or even grandparents. Maybe you might smile and not look away the next time they hold each other’s hand or hug. A must watch, delivered well with several pregnant pauses. It may also ineterst you to read - Are you ready for parenting? - Nature's task A second child. What is the ideal gap? Getting pregnant after 30
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A doting mom to an angel, Social Media Specialist & Professional Blogger. She loves to share her thoughts with other parents in the same turbulent boat. She absolutely loves & adores her family & is learning to strike a good work-life balance. When she is not writing, cooking or busy taking care of her toddler, she probably is dancing to some good desi music!

Vinita Garg 2018-10-27 15:17:41

Just loved this story

Reply >>

Gowthami 2018-10-23 16:43:41

Awesome story line ... Epic relationship goals ...must watch

Reply >>

Radhika Singla 2018-10-23 16:03:31

Haha..funny..a very intersting story.. and very well articulated!

Reply >>

sonali sonawane 2018-10-23 15:55:22

Very nicely written, ill definitely go with my parents for watching this movie. Thanks for sharing ur view, I'm totally convinced!

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Thank you for the comment!