Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower Ceremony

Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower Ceremony

Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower2

In our earlier post, we had listed the Top 10 Exciting Baby Shower Games to make your big day fun & memorable. Times have changed and so have the gifting styles. In earlier days, a typical Godh-Bharai was a traditional ceremony conducted at home, with close family & friends. In the last decade, it has metamorphosed into the lavish “Baby Shower” party with all the glitz, glamor, games & gifts galore.

With a change in gifting styles, one looks at gifting options beyond the usual that are too ‘mainstream’ like silver glass or anklet, a baby bed or baby blanket. Novel gifting ideas that are useful rendering a long-lasting value are a way of expressing your love & good wishes for the mother & new baby. A good gift talks a lot your affable personality. In this blog post you will discover the Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower Ceremony that will last a lifetime.

Baby gifts are the best when they are sensible, sentimental & also personal. Regardless of the occasion, spectacular ideas & gifts make the celebration more memorable. There are several essentials that a mother needs to stock while preparing for the arrival of a new baby. While jhablas, nappies, mittens, booties & all things cute in pink & blue may be on top of her mind, a checklist that includes baby care, feeding accessories & mother-care products is a prerequisite to plan, organize & embrace the parenthood with ease & comfort. These MotherCare / BabyCare products are curated keeping in mind the following criteria –

2) Time-Life Value

3) Novelty of the gift

4) Budget

5) Practical yet Adorable

6) Quality not Quantity

7) Utility


  • Pregnancy/Breast Feeding Pillow

Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower

A new-mommy feeds her infant baby about 7-9 times a day at intervals of 1.5-2.5 hours, with one breast-feeding session anywhere between 20-40 minutes. The thought itself is exhausting! We all know breast feeding/pregnancy & tiredness/fatigue are interlinked. While, it is the most beautiful feeling to bond with your child & look into his eyes watching him dozing off to sleep while breast-feeding, it is essential that you do it in the right way to avoid back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, cramps or any muscle pain. If you have already experienced it, don’t worry! You were not the only one! You can gift a mommy-to-be a pregnancy pillow filled with anti-allergic micro beads that adjust with every body shape to create the optimal shape and stability making her life comfortable & stress-free. You can pair it with reusable “ Cooling Gel Pads” to offer instant relief from sore breasts or engorgement caused due to repeated sessions of breast feeding.

Check out the DreamWizard Pregancy Pillow from Nuvita – one of the best in class Italian products made in Europe (TG not another ‘Made In China’ product!)


  • Breast-Feeding Pump

Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower

Mother’s milk is indispensable & irreplaceable – This is an undisputed fact! The modern mommy who shuttles between home, office & baby has more than a full time job! And sometimes unaided with domestic help or family’s support. The percentage of new-mothers in the work-force has increased by 40% in the last 15 years. With many mothers taking refuge to a breast-pump to express milk for their little ones when they are at their workplace, a breast pump is one of the best practical gifts you can consider while gifting your bestie. Complement them with Day Breast Pads & Night Breast pads to avoid leakage.

Check out Nuvita’s Breast Pump (Manual & Automatic) that stimulates a newborn’s suction to encourage a continuous flow of milk undoubtedly making it on of the Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower Ceremony.


  • Bottle & Pacifier Sterilizer

Best Novel Gifts For A Baby Shower - Sterilizer

We are sure that a cute personalized TuTu Frock or a leather jacket would have blown her away, but what she really needs is those basic essentials in the first year of motherhood. Portable sterilizers come handy while travelling. With hygiene & safety being of prime importance to you, these sterilizers are designed with extra detail whether you are formula-feeding or breast-feeding the baby. You can consider gifting any of the 3 types of sterilizers – Microwave, Electric or Cold Water. Nuvita’s MellyPlus Adv. UV Bottle Sterilizer is one of the most unique product in the whole babycare range that needs just 3 minutes to effectively sterilize & easy to carry.

You can check out the various options here.  


The formative years of the child has a significant impact on both the mother’s & child’s health. It is important to choose high quality BPA Free plastic that is safe & designed ergonomically. In 2010, Nuvita, an Italian brand combining innovation & functionality that was born to create smart, safe & easy products that is now available in 30 countries. They specialize in several products that include Baby Monitors, Cribs, Baby Dental Kits, Digital Scale, Weaning Kits, Pregnancy Pillows, Sterilizers and Food Processors – all of which are designed innovatively in Italy, maintaining highest quality of standards, propelled by advanced technologies.


With abundance of mothercare & babycare products available in the market, finding fun & unusual gifts may not be a challenge. It is a great idea to gift everyday-functional gifts that equip the mommy-to-be with all the basic essentials that she would need to prepare for the arrival of her liitle baby. You can check out the arsenal of Nuvita products on & buy them on FirstCry, Amazon India, AllButCake and – a one stop store conceptualized to fervor everything you need to make your journey to & of motherhood not just comfortable but delightfully happy. You can use the code CP20 to get a 20% discount on any purchase on babiesgoonline – Exclusive only for the readers of ConfusedParent! Happy shopping 🙂

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