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How To Abort 1 Month Pregnancy

Published on: 12 September , 2018 | Sonali Karande Brahma


How to abort 1 month pregnancy? Abortion is a legal option today for mothers and although it may not be an easy decision, the fact that a mother can exercise her choice without any guilt, is relieving to say the least. While Mother Nature takes care of some pregnancies naturally through miscarriages; abortion, if you think about it, is an intervention. All the more reason, why due care needs to be exercised before taking a decision.

Abortions within a certain few weeks of pregnancy are said to be safe. However, you need to be well-informed about the safety of the procedures, whether natural or medical, before you make up your mind.

How to abort 1 month pregnancy

There are three major methods to abort a one-month old pregnancy - Natural, Medical and Surgical. While we will also look at some popular, natural methods in this blog, it is best you abort the pregnancy under expert medical advice to prevent possible health complications.

Very early symptoms of pregnancy at 1 week

Some of the common symptoms you may notice is

  • Tender or swollen breasts
  • Fatigue or Nausea
  • Slight Bleeding
  • Headches & moodswings
  • Food aversions or food cravings

1 month pregnancy picture

Medical Abortion of a one-month old pregnancy

This involves an oral tablet taken under medical advice. The dosage and timing of the tablet should be exactly as prescribed. Be well informed of the results or changes you will see, feel and experience, and know the next steps. Make sure you inform your doctor about the changes so s(he) can closely monitor the procedure till the pregnancy is successfully aborted. Your doctor will also inform you about your pre and post-abortion health care, precautions you need to take and your physical and nutritional needs.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are common (pregnancy stop tablets) unwanted pregnancy pills your gynec may recommend. But, we would recommend to consume any abortion tablets or pills only after consulting your doctor.

Surgical Abortion of a one-month old pregnancy

The surgical method is one in which the abortion is planned with the help of your doctor. This is an intervention and cannot be done without your doctor and the clinic. Depending on the maturity of the pregnancy, the right method is chosen from among three: Aspiration, Dilation and Evacuation, and Dilation and Extraction. For a one-moth old pregnancy, the method chosen is aspiration. The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes. Sedation and a local anaesthetic is used. Post procedure stay and rest in the clinic is advised, at least for a few hours. Aspiration is done by dilating the cervix and then suctioning out the foetus and placenta.

You should be aware that however simple, this procedure may not come without side effects and you need to watch out for these and report the same to your doctor. Nausea, blood clots, cramping, feeling faint, heavy bleeding, damage to the cervix and perforation of the uterus may occur. While we don’t meant o scare you off, it is important that you are aware and well informed of all the angles associated with the procedure.

How to stop pregnancy naturally

There are several ways to go for natural abortion, however, you need to have expert medical advice at hand even if you are following these methods. This is because, complications could arise and in the eventuality of a major health complication, only a doctor can help you.

Foods that can cause or help in abortion

Down the years we have heard from our grandmas and mothers about foods that aid abortion; in fact, this is the very reason that these foods are banned from a pregnant woman’s diet till she delivers a baby.


How to abort 1 month pregnancy? Both ripe and unripe forms of papaya if consumed in large quantities can lead to abortion. This is mainly due to the presence of latex (the milky white fluid) in the fruit. Latex has high levels of prostaglandin and oxytocin that aid in labour contractions. In addition, papaya has the papain enzyme that reduces the production of progesterone, which in turn impacts the pregnancy and helps in abortion. At the same time, papain helps in increasing the production of oestrogens. So, if you seek an abortion, befriend the papaya.



The green, yet-to-ripen pineapples are best for natural abortion. Pineapple has proteolytic enzyme which helps in breaking down the protein. If you consume 1-2 pineapples a day in the early stages of pregnancy, then the cervix is softened which causes bleeding, which results in abortion.

Goji berry, parsley and Vitamin C for abortion

Goji berry (dried), parsley contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C increases the level of oestrogen in blood and this leads to abortion. Parsley also has volatile oils that lead to uterine wall thinning resulting in uterine spasms and thus, abortion.

Chamomile Tea

This fragrant, popular tea is also a popular and effective natural method of abortion. This is due to its primary ingredient -thujone, which induces uterine contractions and leads to abortion. 2 to 3 cups a day should suffice for natural abortion.

Evening primrose oil helps in abortion

You may either consume a pill of the oil or massage large amounts on the cervix with it for results.


Consumed in any form leads to abortion, be it a stick chewed or in the powered form. Take care not to over eat cinnamon in a hurry to terminate the pregnancy quickly as this may leave you with major health complications.

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Acupuncture for natural abortion

If done correctly with an acupuncture expert, you can go in for a successful abortion. The right spots need to be punctured though and hence, care and caution need to be exercised before you choose this method

Sexual intercourse for abortion

Again, a natural way of aborting, sexual intercourse done multiple times during a day coupled with orgasm can result in a natural abortion.

Hot water showers for two weeks

Extremely hot water showers (102 degrees or more) may aid in abortion. Hot water sends the body in crisis mode so the attention to the foetus is taken away which result in abortion.

Massage for ending abortion

If you massage the belly with any oil with strokes positioned towards the pelvic area, this can result in natural abortion.

There are other natural methods like intense workouts with jogging, squats, sit ups, crunches, abdominal exercises that aid in abortion. Also, taking an aspirin 5 to 6 times a day for a few days may result in abortion. For this, medical advice is absolutely necessary.

While you may be successful in aborting an unwanted or unhealthy pregnancy, abortion can also have its effects on the mother and will usually take some time to heal fully. There also might be an emotional impact involved, which needs to be considered in post abortion care and healing.

Abortion comes with a set of pre and post care measures and is not a decision that can be taken very easily. Do exercise adequate care and caution before you go in for an abortion. Your health is top priority after all and do remember that your health is in your hands!

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