How to feed your “picky” baby without bribing, blazing & begging

How to feed your “picky” baby without bribing, blazing & begging

how to get your "picky" baby eating

Today we will discuss about how to feed your “picky” baby without bribing, blazing & begging. Being a mother of a 11 month old baby, I know how much patience it needs to handle a picky baby when they throw tantrums of unknown origin. Every session of meal can stretch to about 45minutes. The tight-lipped, mouthshut child always crawls away in the opposite direction when being fed. So how to How to feed your “picky” baby without bribing, blazing & begging? How To Handle Picky Toddlers & Fussy Eaters?

How To Handle Picky Toddlers & Fussy Eaters

While it gets very irritating, you should remember that your baby needs time to get used to the various colors, textures & tastes. Something that she relished two days back might be a put-off for her today. Their taste buds change. Their moods change. They become independent by the day. Discovering new things, making choices about food, toys, people, environment & anything new he comes across. So, give your baby enough time to develop a liking towards new foods. Respect her opinion. Pushing too much may totally put her off & invite more whining & crying.

How To Make Picky Toddlers Eat

So what do I do? From making funny faces & funny sounds to singing rhymes & bhajans(if elders are to playing with countless musical toys to showing the kaa-kaa(crow) on the tree to carrying them in our arms and walking around, I do EVERYTHING. EVERYDAY. I’ve got abundant tricks up my sleeve to get that bowl of porridge empty. Getting her to eat variety of healthy nutritious food feels like completing a Marathon. We have enlisted few tried & tested methods that work well with kids.

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1) Let there be peace – A child, no matter how small, you child can understand your mood & feelings. Do not stress & cascade the same to your child. Just stay calm & complacent. Let’s admit it. You won’t enjoy eating Ragi every day. But, you expect your child to relish it because it is very healthy. Don’t make your dinner table a war zone. Children ape their parents. Eve