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How To Relieve Nasal Congestion & Stuffy Nose In Babies

Published on: 30 December , 2019 | Ekta

It is often anticipated wrongly that a new born may sound like they have a stuffy nose because in the womb they were always surrounded by fluids, but the certitude here is that stuffy nose or nasal congestion in babies happens when the tissues inside the nose swell or produce mucus. What ever the reason is, the discomfort it brings to your baby is enough to keep both of you awake all night. So, how to relieve nasal congestion & stuffy nose in babies quickly? Cold or cough often occurs due to change in weather, contact with infected person or consumption of certain foods that did not go well with your body.

What Causes Stuffy Nose In Babies?

  • Dry Air
  • Irritants such as dust smoke or perfumes
  • Viral illness like cold

Infants and toddlers often catch colds also because they are just starting to build up their immunity against common viruses.

Best Home Remedies For Cough And Cold In Babies

  1. Honey
  2. Steam along with herbal vapors
  3. Ghee and Black pepper
  4. Hot tea
  5. Garlic soup
  6. Ginger
  7. Cinnamon
  8. Chicken Broth or soup
  9. Vitamin C rich foods
  10. Salt water gargle
  11. Carom seeds
  12. Turmeric milk
  13. Mustard Oil massage
  14. Honey and Ginger with Neem
  15. Camphor
  16. Head Elevation
  17. Saline Drops
  18. Kadha/Kasayam
  19. Onion
  20. Increased liquid intake

While we root for these natural home remedies, these do not provide instant relief and in most cases takes longer to cure completely. Your pediatrician would always suggest you to complement these with SAFE medication which is suitable for new born babies. Saline Drops is one safe way to relieve nasal congestion in kids. Read here to how to administer nasal drops and it’s benefits.

For blocked nose, there have been rumors around why we should refrain from applying Vicks Vapour Rub on babies. This is because it contains Menthol, a component that is not safe for new born babies. Recently my paediatrician recommended NASOBUDDY – a product formulated by a doctor himself.

Why do we root for natural or Ayurvedic Formulations?

  • It is child safe. Devoid of harmful chemicals, preservatives and strong additives.
  • Cures the root cause of the infection.
  • Builds immunity in the long run.

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Benefits Of NasoBuddy – Best Remedy For Cough & Cold

  • Ayurvedic Formulation: NasoBuddy is a simple yet a trusted ayurvedic proprietary formulation of 6 essential oils. The essential oils used in the balm are of 100% pure therapeutic grade.
  • Child Safe: This is a child safe balm which is free of harmful ingredients like artificial fragrances, camphor, menthol and preservatives.
  • Clears Respiratory Tract: The Essential oils in the balm are pure distilled plant extract, and they naturally reach the upper and lower part of the respiratory tracts. It’s ‘Dill Leaf’ Essential oil contains natural antihistamines, which are ant congestive and help in clearing the respiratory system.
  • Improves Breathing: It helps to dry up mucus secretions, lower inflammation & enhances airflow to the lungs.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil helps to loosen mucus and expel it out of the chest.
  • Relaxes Muscles & Calms Body: Lavender, Chamomile and Dill essential oils in it that provides antioxidants which decreases the child's anxiety, relaxes the muscles and hence directly induces a restful night sleep for your little one.
  • Boosts Immunity: The Patchouli and Coriander Essential oils in it demonstrate a strong immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

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How To Use NasoBuddy Cough & Cold Balm

NasoBuddy should be used as an alternative to oral medications or as part of their holistic treatment for combating cold and congestion. It is a topical ointment, that a person can rub it directly on to their skin. Parents or caregivers can apply Nasobuddy directly to a child's neck, upper back, and chest. A person may wish to cover the treated area with a warm cloth. Otherwise, clothing over the skin should be loose and allow for airflow.

Cost: You can buy NasoBuddy Cough & Cold Balm for Rs.299. You can buy it on Amazon.

NasoBuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator (0-5 Years) – How To Relieve Nasal Congestion In Babies Quickly

Nasal congestion is one of the most common concerns of parents in their baby's early months of life. Babies  can be very cranky when they have a stuffy nose. They may have difficulty in breathing, sleeping and feeding.

Nasal aspirators have proven to be the best option to relieve your baby from stuffy nose. Doctors recommend it as it is a hygienic way to get rid of phlegm or mucus in the baby’s nose. Aspirators help in clearing the nasal congestion and provide instant relief to kids .

But not all nasal aspirators are effective. The old bulb aspirators can be really cumbersome to use and frustratingly  inefficient .

New age manual aspirators like Nasobuddy have solved the old bulb aspirators problems and it's easy to use

 and effective in relieving the baby's  congestion.

Nasobuddy vs Old bulb aspirators

- The Nasobuddy  aspirator is more efficient because of the continuous suction attained, which removes the mucus dramatically more effectively. It reduces the need for other medications.

-  Its non-invasive.It does not hurt the sensitive infant nasal mucosa (does not enter the nose , as a bulb aspirator does)

Pediatricians recommended method :

A few drops of saline solution in each nostril will help loosen mucus.

  1. Keep the aspirator at the opening of baby’s nostril.
  • Suck in air through the mouthpiece.

The mucus collects inside the aspirator. 

Best to use it three times a day , right before feeding.

Cost: You can buy NasoBuddy Nasal Aspirator for Rs.499. Available on Amazon.

These products are exclusively formulated by Doctors themselves. If you would like to try a 1gm FREE SAMPLE of NasoBuddy Cough & Cold balm, please send you address and phone number to iwantit@nasobuddy.com or ekta@confusedparent.in

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