A Letter To My Pregnant Self And Any Other Perfectionist Moms To Be

A Letter To My Pregnant Self And Any Other Perfectionist Moms To Be

I had many an illusions while I was pregnant and though my parenting journey is only of 5 years; I have realized that I was suffering from many a myths. So, if I could look back and talk to my pregnant self today; this is what I would inform myself. Maybe this would resonate with some of you and help others.

Dear Ms Wannabe perfectionist,

Hello mommy to be, I know you are excited and a little nervous. You are being very planned and organized for the baby. But, I want to tell you a few things so that you can enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest because henceforth you can forget about being planned as that word will escape your life’s dictionary.

A letter to my pregnant self and any other perfectionist moms to be

So here are my suggestions and you are hereby forewarned:

Stop judging the mothers of the children that you think are spoilt. Stop questioning other people’s parenting styles and for goodness sake stop trying to perfect your own parenting style in your head. For all the strong opinions you have, you are now about to discover confusion and chaos and indecision and yes you shall finally learn spontaneity. So, these very parents that you judge in your mind can come to your rescue when your times of confusion begin.

You know how you like an organized house and you think that you will be able to train your child into adapting your methods; well this idea shall be the biggest joke ever. Your love of all things white in the house shall become a love that will be stained with many things ranging from human excrement to pulpy fruit! Let me inform you that your child at 6 months will be a mini version of your adamant self of when you were 16 years. Yes, you will get a dose of your own medicine in double strength! Karma is a bxxxx. So, while you are drooling over the onesies and stocking the toy cupboard; don’t forget to stock the bar too to help you along.

I know right now you are tired of the wait, you think you can’t sleep because of the pregnancy and you are mistaken. Th