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MaPa Story App – An Interactive App That Allows You To Record Stories

Published on: 16 October , 2020 | Ekta

In an era where technology is fast replacing traditional forms of education, entertainment & interaction, there are still some things that remain unchanged in our children’s lives. And some of them include the love for colouring, candies and listening to their Grand “MaPa Story-ies”. Keeping this love for stories alive, "MaPa Story App – An Interactive App That Allows You To Record Stories In Your Own Voice".

MaPa Story Telling App

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These are small things children cherish for a lifetime. With the advent of various e-learning platforms, we as parents, should make smart choices. It is inevitable to adopt and accept that digital learning is the way forward to connect with our family & friends. However, how you leverage this technology can make a big difference to the quality of your interactions.

Introducing MaPa Story – The Best Story Telling App For Kids In India

About MaPa Story:

Which child doesn’t love telling & listening to stories? I’m sure we all do! MaPa Story is a story telling app where kids, parents, grandparents and friends can record, narrate, and share their stories anytime from any corner of the world.

If you thought a normal call – an audio interaction added no sheen and life to your conversation with your family, MaPa Story is your go-to app.

MaPa Story App

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What we love about MaPa Story App?

Embrace technology to your advantage

We got to change with the changing times. With micro families mushrooming all over India, Apps like these help us stay connected with our near & dear ones. It is also password protected. So, you can control what your child sees.

MaPa Story Parent Login

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Build your child’s confidence

Telling stories encourage your child to build their vocabulary, gain confidence as they record & speak using their own creativity.

Learn new words

Story-telling is an art you can master with time. Your tone & diction can make or break a good story-line. Your child will learn to how control voice modulation & add a dash of drama to the story to make it appealing.

Learning by diversifying

I always introduce new concepts to my child. Learning 3 new words from a foreign language, different types of stones, the space or the lentils in your kitchen. Introduce different genres of story – telling. A good blend of moral stories, folk tales or history, your child needs variety just like you do.


It’s easier to read. But, difficult to express. With repeated story-telling sessions, your child will gain confidence and will be motivated to stay in touch with the elders at a distant home.

Let The Creative Juices Flow

Building Strong Bonds With Grand-Parents & Cousins

Given the current situation, with limited transport facilities, many children haven’t met their grand-parents and are missing all the unconditional love. The MaPa Story App generations through meaningful content. Recording and sharing via MaPa app is now easy to use across all three generations.

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The best gift you can give your grand-parents is the gift of “love” & “time”. MaPa Story App allows you to do just that. You can download this App for free today & I am sure you & your family will get hooked to it!

There is no dearth of choice for good apps for your little munchkin! Download this MaPa App today & pay only Re.1 a day. i.e Rs.365 a year. 356 INR for a year and 100 INR for a month.

For all our followers, next two months downloading from our will be free of subscription charges.

Tell us – What is your child’s favourite story?

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