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R for Rabbit: Baby Bouncers and Rockers

Published on: 25 March , 2022 | Ekta

Babies are super cute and arrest the attention of everyone who sets eyes on them. However, it makes sense to also gently assist them to do other things and be comfortable. While you might want to give them as much of your attention as possible, for practical reasons, you might need a few minutes in the shower or during your meal. To keep the baby happy and engaged while being encouraged to be independent, many toys are available in the market. However, if the baby is sleepy or cranky, we recommend bouncers and rockers which will give them the movement necessary to calm them while you get a moment of rest yourself, as a caregiver. It is a great investment that will aid in many other activities like feeding, engaging, learning.

R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer

R For Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer Perfect for an infant, this R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer grabs the attention of your infant with its cute elephant design.  With safety features in place, your infant can enjoy a space as cozy as your lap while you get some much-needed relaxation. Also read Best Baby Swings & Bouncers For Kids in India

Salient features of R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer

Safety and protection

R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer comes with ultimate safety with its 3-point safety harness.

Ease of installation

The R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer is easy to install.

Soft Cushioning Seat:

The seat of the bouncer has super soft cushioning so the baby can enjoy their time while playing or sleeping in the bouncer.

Touch panel control:

You can easily play soothing music and control the vibration of the bouncer to give a calming and peaceful ambiance to your baby for relaxing.

Cute Elephant hanging toy bar:

R for Rabbit Kidiphant Bouncer has cute toys hanging from toy bars that help to develop your baby’s motor and visual skills.


The R for Rabbit Kidiphant Bouncer is available in Beige and Grey colours.

R for Rabbit Baby Hopper Bouncer

R For Rabbit Hopper Baby Bouncer If you are looking for a safe way for your baby to be engaged while you can get a moment or two for yourself to do some essential chores or some much needed me time, you can invest in a R for Rabbit Baby Hopper Bouncer. This R for Rabbit Baby Hopper Bouncer can engage, entertain and comfort your baby at the same time. With a soft cushion seat for your baby and safety features to keep your baby from falling, the bouncer has the potential to become your baby’s new sought-after friend. Salient features of R for Rabbit Baby Hopper Bouncer are the same as the R for Rabbit Kidiphant Baby Bouncer except that it has a sturdier shape to cope with a baby that moves far more than an infant. The next version is a rocker which is suitable for babies up to 3 years. Also Read our review on R For Rabbit Automatic Swing Cradle

R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker

We bring to you an excellent product in the market that is a boon for parents of young children, i.e. R for Rabbit Rock N Play Rocker. Designed to provide maximum safety for your child, the R for Rabbit Rock N Play Rocker is engaging and provides opportunity for learning for babies.

Salient features of R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker

Great investment

R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker is a great investment as it has a 3 in 1 functionality, i.e. as a rocker, as a high chair or as a normal kids chair. It also has a portable meal tray to enable feeding the baby easily.

Learning and development

In addition to providing a safe space for the baby, the R for Rabbit Rock and Play rocker engages the baby in a fun away while also providing opportunities for learning. The R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker has soothing in built melodious music, calming vibrations and a detachable toy bar which will engage the baby when they are on it. These features will also enable the baby to develop visual, motor and cognitive skills even while they enjoy themselves on the rocker.


The R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker has an adjustable backrest which gives the baby a chance to recline comfortably.


R for Rabbit Rock and Play Rocker is certified as per safety standards and comes with 3-point safety harness to ensure complete safety of your baby. R For Rabbit Rock & Play Rocker

Rocking mode

It is possible to switch R for Rabbit Rock N Play to a playful rocking mode with its arc shaped legs.

Variations available:

You can choose from the color options of Green Grey, Pink Grey and Cream Grey. With such great products to help you get a moment to relax with a cup of tea, you will be recharged to go about your day with a smile with the knowledge that your baby is in very safe hands. And do let go of that mommy guilt as these activities will aid your baby’s development of their motor, visual and cognitive skills simultaneously! Also read Best Rocker Napper For Babies in India
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