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R for Rabbit – Baby Grooming Kit and Safety Kit

Published on: 14 August , 2022 | Kanchan V

When you’re expecting your precious little one, you think of everything that they need. The perfectly packed diaper bag is filled with everything a baby needs as soon as he or she arrives. But there are somethings you will think of only when the need arises. Just when you’re cooing into the beautiful face of your little one, you notice a small scratch just above the left eye. That is when you realize that it is not just your baby who is growing everyday but also their nails and hair. Grooming products for your baby are things you don’t realize you need till the day you need them. While all of this might be available in your dressing area, it definitely wont be suitable for tiny fingers with even tinier nails. Or wispy soft hair that seems to flutter even when there is no wind. For such delicate babies, it is essential that appropriate baby friendly products are used so that it is convenient and doesn’t cause any accidental harm to the baby while being used on them. Read more on R for Rabbit - Baby Grooming Kit and Safety Kit.

R for Rabbit: Stylo All in One Grooming Kit

R For Rabbit All In One Grooming Kit Are you confused about how to choose grooming products for your baby’s skin and nails? We would like to bring to you the best in the market with Stylo All in One Grooming Kit from R for Rabbit. Designed keeping all safety precautions in mind, the Stylo Grooming Kit is easy to use and completely safe to use on your baby.  Made with care and concern for a baby’s delicate skin, the Stylo Grooming kit is convenient for parents and allows them to groom their babies with ease. What all does this kit contain? This grooming set is the ultimate all-in-one set which includes a Nasal Aspirator, Finger Toothbrush, Round Head Scissors, Nail Clipper, Toothbrush, Hair Brush, Comb. The All in One Grooming kit has been designed keeping in mind all the concerns and pain-points of parents who aim to groom their little ones in a manner that is safe and convenient. The key features of the Stylo Baby Grooming kit from R for Rabbit are:

R For Rabbit Nasal Aspirator:

R For Rabbit Nasal Aspirator Use: To clean mucus from the baby’s nostril This nasal aspirator is specifically designed for babies with an ultra-soft and thin nozzle to conveniently clean the mucus from the baby’s nostril. Also read How To Relieve Nasal Congestion & Stuffu Nose In Babies

R For Rabbit Finger Toothbrush:

Use: To clean the baby’s teeth. This toothbrush is made of textured silicone and is completely safe for the usage of babies over 3 months. Just slip it on your finger and brush your baby’s gums and tongue after each feed to prevent bacterial growth.

R For Rabbit Round Head Scissor:

Use: To trim small portions of the baby’s nails R for Rabbit scissors has non-slip handles and is small for ease of trimming baby nails. Rounded tips and curved edges are designed to help clearly see the ends of the baby’s nails to avoid injury.

R For Rabbit Baby Nail Clipper:

R For Rabbit Nail Clipper Use: to clip baby’s nails This design of nail cutter has a comfy grip for effortless trimming of baby’s nails. Arc-shaped clipper is specially designed for a baby's tiny finger to ensure they don’t get hurt.

R For Rabbit Toothbrush:

Use: To brush the teeth of a baby who is older than 11 months This toothbrush is designed specifically for babies over 11 months who are going through the teething phase. It is gentle on their gums and helps for a relieved teething process. Also read How To Prevent Dental Cavities In Children

R For Rabbit Hair Brush:

Use: To comb or massage baby’s hair The bristles of this brush are very soft and are perfectly designed to brush & massage your newborn baby’s tender scalp.

R For Rabbit Comb:

Use: To detangle baby’s soft hair With its soft teeth this baby comb amazingly detangles your baby’s hair in a pain-free manner. This Stylo All in One Grooming kit is suitable for babies between ages 0 and 3 years. All the material used in the kit is BPA free and is available in two colors i.e., red and blue. R For Rabbit Comb For Babies

Safety for your baby

In line with not knowing that you need something for your baby till you actually need it is caring for your baby’s safety. As your little one begins to move, they will explore every nook and corner of the house. Every crevice and cranny will be poked, prodded by the curious infant that has just discovered mobility. As a parent, your first concern will be to ensure your baby doesn’t get hurt in the process of satiating their never-ending curiosity. Some of the areas that definitely need to be out of bounds for babies are
  1. Electrical sockets.
  2. Sharp corners in furniture.
  3. Cabinets or drawers that may open out and fall on the baby.

R for Rabbit: Multi Protector Safety Kit

We bring to you a comprehensive safety kit that will help you baby proof your home and heave a sigh of relief. The R For Rabbit Protector Multi Safety Kit is a wonderful solution to your baby proofing woes. What does the Kit contain? R for Rabbit Protector Multi Safety Kit contains 19 units of different safety products to be used inside the home to make your home a safer place for your little explorer.  It’s a pack that contains Socket Guards, corner cushion protectors, corner cushion for glass, finger pinch guard, and cabinet lockers. Key Features This 19 Unit Pack is easy to install and will not harm your furniture due to quality adhesive used. Socket Cover Guards: 6 No. of Electric Socket Protectors to protect a child from electrical shocks Corner cushion for Corner Top:  4 No. of Corner cushion protector to safeguard a child from harm through sharp edges Corner Cushion for Glass Table:  4 No. of Corner Cushion For Glass to protect child body from mirror scratches Finger Pinch Guards:  2 No. of finger Pinch Guard to be applied on doors to protect child’s little fingers from hurting. Cabinet Locks: 3 No. of Cabinet Lockers to stop the little one from opening cabinets and getting them hurt. Conclusion : With a baby proofed home that is safe and secure, let your baby explore to their heart’s content while you rest securely in the knowledge that your space is safe for your little one! Also read
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