The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Right….

The Ultimate Guide To Parenting Right….

….wrote no one ever!

If you fell for that title then you are not a parent yet or you have extremely well-behaved kids. And let’s face it, the second scenario is not even a reality. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone came by and handed you a manual to follow and pass the parenting exam with flying colours? If only it were that simple.

And if you are a parent, we are sure you came with the intention of having a good laugh at the person who professes to have got parenting right!

You bet!

But what if that person (who has supposedly got parenting right) is too close for comfort? Read ‘Your Spouse’? We decided to take a light-hearted look at some of the most common parenting issues that couples spar over and how we think you can deal with them!

Who’s turn is it to manage the kids over the weekend?

It is the mom’s turn to let her hair down (literally) and take a break and for the dad to unwind before a ‘hectic’ work week and therefore the big question – who will manage the kids? You know what mommies and daddies, the kids don’t need you to ‘mind’ them all the time. So let them laze around a bit, watch some TV, read some, get their knees bruised a bit and for a change – let them mind themselves. It will do you both a whole world of good!

Why can’t I find anything in its place anymore?

The Ultimate Parenting Guide

The kids are already late for school and the spouse too can’t seem to find her/his sock and suddenly the sleepy environment in the home gets charged with a seemingly simple statement: “Why can’t I find anything in its place anymore?” In that one statement, you have unwittingly stirred a beehive. Do you mean to say that your spouse is the reason you cannot