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Best Baby Potty Seats, Training Seats & Potty Chairs in India

Published on: 26 November , 2020 | Ekta

Parenthood comes with quite a few challenges; and each parent has his/her own way of dealing with them. Diapers are a boon to parents, making theirs’ as well as the babies’ lives more convenient and easy. There are cons attached to it as well, that is if proper care is not taken babies’ skin might develop redness and rashes, which is very painful. So potty training becomes essential. Here are Best Baby Potty Seats, Training Seats & Potty Chairs in India.

Best Baby Potty Seats, Training Seats & Potty Chairs in India

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As they say, every stage has a few demands, and there comes a stage when we have to decide to relieve our baby from those diapers. Such miracles do not happen overnight, it is important to adopt a step by step approach. Making potty training a fun learning rather than a punishment or a must-do should be your goal, to begin with. Patience and perseverance will bring in the desired results.

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When to begin with Potty training?

There is no such thumb rule as to this aspect of Parenting, while some might start off as early as 6 months, many might want to start it a little later too. In India, mothers usually start Potty training as early as 5-6 months of age. A Potty Training Seat is the best option available as it provides ease and comfort to the baby. The only factor you have to consider before you choose a right Potty Seat for your baby is – comfort and safety. Indian Market is flooded with many options – so to make things easier we have devised a list of the Best Baby Potty Seats, Training Seats & Potty Chairs in India in no particular order.

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Fisher Price - Best Baby Potty Seats, Training Seats & Potty Chairs in India

Fisher Price Baby Potty Seat

Fisher Price is one of the leading brands in the lineage of Baby products. The Dino Potty Training Seat is ergonomically designed with simple features which totally serve the purpose. Made with high grade plastic material, this model makes it to the list of the Best Potty Seats for babies in India.


  • Provision of two lid covers – one for when not in use and the other is the removable bowl
  • Easy to hold grip holds
  • Soft and rounded edges to ensure safety and comfort


  • The item weighs less than 2kgs and is easily portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy grips provided


  • The back rest is not high enough as is in the other models
  • The grip handles are not very prominent
  • Cannot hold babies beyond 9 kgs

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R for Rabbit Convertible - Best Baby Potty Seats in India

R For Rabbit Baby Potty Seat

The R for Rabbit Convertible 4 in 1 Potty Training Seat is designed with multi-function facility and succeeds in all the aspects of a good Potty Seat – safety, comfort, quality and of course, the durability as well. It has been one of the leading brands in the Indian Baby products category, and this product particularly has made a mark for itself. The features are listed below:


  • Easily detatchable light seat which could be removed easily and cleaned as often as required
  • The Potty seat could be attached to the wash basin so as to facilitate the baby to be able to brush the teeth
  • Made from high quality plastic material
  • Designed with no sharp edges, only rounded and smooth edges to ensure maximum safety to kids
  • Is suitable also for bigger babies as it could hold babies weighing 12 kgs
  • Comes with a lid to cover the Potty seat when not in use


  • Easily attachable to the adults Potty seat, attachable to the wash basin to help babies reach the height of the wash basin
  • Maintenance is never an issue, as the design of the Seat is pretty simple and convenient
  • Easily convertible to a high step as well as low step stool


  • Slightly expensive brand

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Luvlap Comfy Baby Potty Seat - Best Potty Training Chair In India

LuvLap Comfy Baby Potty Seat

Luvlap has yet another highly recommended product in the category of Baby Potty Seat – Luvlap Comfy Baby Potty Seat. It is provided with an in-built tissue paper holder which enables storage of wet wipes and tissues for after use. Its simple, yet elegant style makes it a neat and an extremely baby-friendly option to choose. This successful model has achieved European EN Certification.


  • Certified as per European Standards: EN 71
  • Made of High-Quality plastic material, durable & non-toxic
  • Smooth-edged ergonomic seat designed for baby's comfort
  • Soft-curves design & detachable parts make it easy to wash & clean
  • Potty Bowl can be removed from the rear by sliding out
  • Comes with cute built-in handles, for support and safety
  • Compact Design makes it convenient for storage & travel


  • Easy to assemble feature makes it a good travel option
  • The sturdy and strong material is an excellent advantage that it enjoys
  • Side-slide option makes washing and cleaning all the more easy

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WISHKEY Car shaped Toilet Training Baby Potty Seat

Wishkey Baby Potty Training Seats

Designed with a unique shape of a Toy car, this Potty seat comes with an easily detatchable seat making it an easy option to clean. It could be easily converted to a high stool as well as low stool as well. The highly durable plastic material makes it all the more easier for parents to choose this product. Added features of this product are mentioned:


  • Side handles makes it convenient for the baby to balance
  • Unique shape gives the feel of a real road racer
  • Smooth and rounded edges making it safe and a must-have Baby product
  • Comes with a foldable lid cover, thus preventing any bad odour to escape
  • Easy to assemble feature makes it a convenient travelling option


  • Multi-functions of a Potty seat, high stool and a low stool makes it an excellent option to choose
  • Side handles gives a strong grip to the baby and prevents any mishappening
  • The attractive shape and colour options are eye-catching
  • Ideal for elder kids of 6 months upto 3 years of age


  • Slightly heavy due to its elaborate design and shape

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Baybee Potty Training Seat

Baybee Potty Training Chair

Baybee has been a popular brand and has been in the market for quite some time. Baybee Potty Training Seat is one of the best when it comes to safety, durability and comfort. The splash-proof feature of this product ensures that there is no spillage or leakage as there is provision of a lid cover. BPA formula adopted by Babybee ensures that the material used confirms with all safety standards and has been awarded the EN Certification as well.


  • The side rest provided is slightly higher than the other basic designs, making it more safer
  • Portability factor is high
  • Provision of lid cover to prevent any foul smell from escaping
  • Non-slippery rounded bottom makes it anti-skid


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to maintain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Provision of tissue paper holder serves the purpose
  • Rounded corner solid base


  • Holding capacity of babies weighing upto 9 kgs

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Toyboy Panda Potty Set

Toyboy Baby Potty Training Seat

Yet another classy product which is featured in this list, Toyboy Panda Potty set offers top-class comfort as it is made of high quality Polypropylene material. Easy hold grip handles provide safety and comfort. The smooth rounded edges make this product totally child-friendly.


  • The backrest design allows the child to sit in an upright position providing convenience and ease while he is seated
  • The side grip handles are sturdy
  • The bowl is removable and easy to clean
  • Comes with a closeable cover


  • Closable cover prevents bad odour and smell to escape into the air
  • Easy to handle and carry along
  • Weighs only 1.5 kgs


The holding capacity is not beyond 10kgs

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La Corsa Scooter Style Potty Seat

La Corsa Baby Potty Training Seat

Made of sturdy material(100% virgin plastic material), is perfect for babies of the age group of 6 – 36 months. It is oval in shape and easy and simple to assemble, it helps in easy handling. Provided with 2 lid covers, one while not in use and the other one to cover the potty tray as to not allow the foul smell to escape. When you consider the cost factor, it is by fact the most pocket-friendly available option for Potty Seats.


  • Easy to hold grips
  • Provision of 2 lid covers
  • Easily removable tray for cleaning purposes
  • Inbuilt provision of splash guard to prevent any spillage or leakage


  • Pocket – friendly option
  • Made with sturdy plastic


  • Suitable only for age groups 5 – 8 months

You can buy the entire range of Baby Potty Seats here.

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