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Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020

Published on: 30 November , 2020 | Ekta

When your child is young, open-ended toys teach your child to solve problems young in life. Social & cognitive skills are picked early & hence they react better in uncertain situations, make better choices & feel more confident. Today, we bring to you Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020.

Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020

What are “Open Ended” toys mean?

‘Open ended’ means that it has no end. One toy can be played in different ways. For instance the Lego blocks can be used to create as many figures using your imagination. A musical dancing duck can have limited functionality. You cannot make spontaneous changes. Open ended open endless possibilities that suits your child’s imagination.

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The best ever investment I have ever made for my child is the 100 piece Magna Tiles set that I got from Toycra. It is that one thing both my daughter, my mom & I love playing. It’s ability to develop spatial, fine motor, and creative skills makes it a crowd favourite. After all, why should kids have all the fun? And thus making it one of the Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020.

  • Have ever dreamt of a world far from gadgets and grade 2 plastic toys that can keep your child engaged for hours & encourages learning along with playing?
  • If you are that moms who wants to develop your child’s creative side of the brain, through games, puzzles, activity based toys, hands-on models, brainteasers, learning aids, books, art and craft tools, this is a definite read.

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What makes “Good” the “Best” Toys?

  • Endless hours of open play
  • Tickle the right side of your child’s brain
  • Invest in good quality certified BPA Free plastic or wooden toys that use non-toxic colours
  • Encourage creative thinking & build logical skills, problem solving ability, visualiziation & spatial sense
  • Minimum or no intervention of digital learning & no-screentime.
  • Teach you great virtues like patience & group play.

Toycra is one of the largest Toys & Games brands in India, curating educational, creative, open-ended products from across the globe.

They are the National Distributors of award winning brands like –

  • Magnatiles
  • Fat Brain Toys
  • TopBright
  • Battat
  • MicroScooter
  • Rolly Toys
  • Vega
  • Wonderland

Toycra is a family run brand run with a passion to make quality, tested, durable and value adding toys & games available to kids across India.

Let’s take a sneak peak into some of the Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020

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Buy Magnatiles from Toycra – Best Open Ended Free Play Games For Kids

Magnatiles From Toycra

MagnaTiles is undoubtedly the Best EducationalOpen-Ended toy/game for your child. It develops patterning, shape recognition, challenges you to do better than your previous best, enhances fine motor skills, teaches patience and keeps your child glued for hours. Now, also buy Magna Qubix to step up your game.

Fat Brain Toys: Best Constructive Playing Toys For Toddlers

Fat Brain Toys Squigz

A leading toys brand that is are committed to providing purposeful learning toys that are age appropriate. They have won many awards as the Best Educational Toys For Toddlers. They have a fantastic line up for toddlers & pre-schoolers. Our favourite is the Squigz starter set encourages sensory play.

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Top Bright Toys – Best Educational, Open Ended Toys & Games For Kids In India 2020

Top Bright Toys Animal Jenga

Adding an interesting twist to our Jenga, Top Bright’s Animal Jenga is a clear winner in a kids party! One of the best Birthday gifts for a 4 year old child, it is colourful & is instantly loved by all. It is non-breakable & uses safe non-toxic water based colours.

Battat – Best Sensory Play Toys For Toddlers

Battat focuses on early childhood development for children 1 year+. Our pick is the shape sorter that’s an edge over most other similar variants in the market. This little house is filled with big discoveries. The Shape Sorter House comes with 12 different shapes, a set of 6 keys and many shape and color sorting features – The perfect Educational Games & Toys For 2 year olds.

Buy Micro Scooter For Kids: Best Gift For 3 Year Old Kids

Toycra Micro Scooter For Kids

Play and exercise is an indispensable part of a child’s life. Scooter is one of the Best Birthday Gift For a 3 year old. Micro Mini Scooters are one of the Best Scooters For Kids in India as they come with super smooth-gliding wheels, low-to-the-ground deck and stable steering making it ideal for pre-schoolers and kindergartners. It comes with an adjustable T-bar and lean-to-steer design that helps developing the balance and coordination used in many sports.

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Wonderland – Buy Best Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys For Kids In India 2020

We love this brand for more reasons than one. When being environmentally conscious comes before being profitable; When “Giving back to mother nature” is in your DNA; when CSR is not just for records but when you want to do it to make a REAL DIFFERENCE, a brand like ‘Wonderland’ is born. A winner of several International awards, Wonderland uses only colours from nature to make wooden toys ranging from trix tracks, blocks, role play & basic sorting of shapes & sizes. Ideal for infants & pre-schoolers.

Best Books For Kids By Age

While toys have their own charm, educational fun books have a magic of their own. Transport your child into wild imagination with handpicked books from Toycra that your child will want to read repeatedly day after day. From Peppa Pig to Julia Donaldson & Usborne to penguin, they have you covered.

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This lockdown, if you are looking to invest in your child’s holistic development, Toycra is your go to destination. Free shipping across India, now also shop through WhatsApp : 9638993429.

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