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Eating Mangoes During Pregnancy Is Unsafe – Myth Busted!

Published on: 16 October , 2018 | Ranjini Venugopal


Motherhood is a divine part of any woman’s life. Pregnancy is a game changer in anyone’s life. Everything you do will have extra care and love for the little life inside you. Along with this happiness comes lot of dilemma. The tingling tongue will crave for different tastes. And Mango tops the charts in the bucket list. But your conscious asks you “Hello, do you remember you are pregnant. Is mango safe to eat?” Common let us get this myth busted.

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Craving for "mango" during pregnancy? Just loosen yourself and take a dip

Who doesn't have a mango craving? It is a common myth that one should not eat mangoes during pregnancy. Mango is indeed a healthy addition to your diet. It is considered as the “King of Fruits”. Ripen or raw, it is not harmful during pregnancy. It is packed with viatl nutrients. Let’s see how!

Health Benefits Of Mango

  • If you are a mango lover, then you are sure to crave for mango during pregnancy. Mango is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamnin C and iron, which increases the Haemoglobin count. There will be a general reduction in Hb during pregnancy. Mango helps combating anaemia. One cup of mango gives you 100% of the RDA for Vitamin A.
  • Mango acts as an anti-oxidant, increasing the immunity to the body during pregnancy.
  • It contains folic acid which helps in the development of foetus. Generally doctors suggest folic acid medication during your first trimester or while planning to concieve.
  • The sour taste of mango tingles your pregnancy crave for sourness and the natural sweetness satisfies your sweet craving during pregnancy.
  • Raw mango helps in combating morning sickness and nausea.
  • It makes your skin glow. Doesn’t "Pregnancy Glow" make you happy? :)
  • It helps in fighting constipation during the mid-trimester.
  • Ripen Mangoes are a perfect alternative to the high calorie artificial desserts if it’s challenging to put on ideal healthy weight.

Mango 'n' Myth?

The general myth is that eating mangoes during pregnancy causes heat and may harm your little baby. This is primarily due to the evolved breeding or cultivating them. Mango, as we all know is a “seasonal fruit”. But, these days, we can possibly eat them throughout the year. While we still savour the taste, we know that the fruit is artificially ripened using chemicals or injections, which makes it unsafe especially during pregnancy. The wax coating in the outer layer may cause “Diarrhoea” during pregnancy. So limit yourself to naturally grown seasonal mangoes only!

Some mothers may develop an allergy towards mangoes. Please look for these symptoms - swollen lips, unusual or extreme nausea, dizziness, itching in mouth and uneasiness, then immediately consult your gynecologist.

It maybe better to avoid mangoes if there is a family history of gestational diabetics. You maybe vulnerable to it if you are obese or if you develop a sweet-tooth during your third trimester.

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How will I know if the mango is artificially or naturally ripened?


Is the colour of the mango is unusually yellowish? Then beware it may be artificially ripened mangoes. Also, look for green patches which confirms that it is artificially ripened.

Texture of the pulp

When you cut the mango, it will not be as juicy and fleshy as a naturally ripened mango.

Mango Juice

If it is an artificially ripened one, quantity of juice and the sweetness of the juice will be lesser. Whereas naturally ripened mango juice are sweeter & the extract from the mango pulp is higher.

What is the ideal quantity of intake recommended - “The Big Question”

Anything in excess is not good for health. Limit yourself to ½-1 mango a day. If your doctor has suggested to avoid mangoes, then please abide by it.

I love unripe mangoes! Is it safe during pregnancy?


Yes, it is safe during pregnancy. Unripe mangoes are one of the most common cravings any pregnant woman would have.

Unripe mangoes are also a great powerhouse of Vitamin C. This helps to meet the calcium needs of your body, strengthens the blood vessels & helps prevent spotting especially during early trimester. As it is rich in fibre, it helps in reducing constipation and acidity which are common during pregnancy. Over all it is a great treat to your sourness craving tastebuds during pregnancy.

Tips for eating mango safely during pregnancy :

  • Peel off the skin if mangoes and eat them. This will avoid the wax coating in the mangoes
  • Else peel off the skin of the mango and then eat.
  • Maintain clean kitchen and utensils to slice the mango.

Make a milk shake, mango ice cream or a juice, manogoes will have a positive psychological effect on your mood & mood swings. Enjoy every bit of the juicy and tangy mango during your pregnancy!

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Ranjini Venugopal

Officially a HR for 6 years, passionately a writer and photographer and a loveable mother to twins. I love life to the fullest with my multi roles as a Daughter, Wife, Mother and a Working professional. Love to sing and curious to research on new topics. Living life to the fullest as my kids complete me and my life.

Gowthami 2018-10-23 17:06:11

Oh...l love mangoes and I would have a glass of mango juice or milkshake every alternate day during my pregnancy which helped me lower the acidity level.

Reply >>

Tincy 2018-10-23 15:57:04

Some people says mangoes are not healthy in pregnancy.. but i love to have mangoes because they are always my favourite fruit. After my Glucose challenge test, doctor asked me to take enough sugar and natural sugars including fruits.. No harm in eating them I was absolutely fine.... and I'm sure it will benefit every mom like me.

Reply >>

Thank you for the comment!