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How To Get A Baby

Published on: 14 June , 2018 | Ekta

I am blessed with a beautiful “Daughter”. My husband & my family yearned for a daughter and the birth of a little angel called for a grand celebration! You may be surprised to know that atleast 25% of the parents today wish for a girl child. While some still are yearning for a boy baby & some have no gender preference, those who wish to conceive a girl child is on a steady rise. But, if you want to know “How To Get A Baby Boy or A Baby Girl” naturally, read on…



Give a loving home to an orphan and ignite desire to adopt & nurture a baby boy! There is rolling of dice and hoping for the best! Adopt a child of your choice & essay the role of not just parents but truly God-sent angels for the little child who will make your home a complete family! Remember Lord Krishna was born to Devaki but was given to Yashoda after birth. Well, if that's too far to connect, Hail Ho! Angelina Jolie to adopt children, not just a boy but a girl too! How ever if you are looking to “Conceive A Baby Boy”, listed below are 100% natural safe methods with “NO SIDE EFFECTS” which stack the odds in your favour & improve the chances of conceiving a baby boy by about 75%-90%.

Theory Behind Selection Of The Right Sperm –

For many of you who blame the mother for giving birth to a girl while hoping for a boy baby, you should read this! According to Dr. Landrum Shettles, an expert in InVitro Fertilization, there are 2 types of sperms – one carrying the “X” (For A Girl Baby) & the other “Y” (For a Boy Baby) chromosome. Depending on which type of chromosome fertilizes with the egg determines the sex of the child.

Characteristics Of The X Chromosome

Stronger, moves significantly slower and ability to survive for longer periods. Tight underwear is better suited for survival of the “X” chromosome as the temperature is warm. The can fertilize the egg upto 5days after leaving the male’s body.

Characteristics Of The Y Chromosome

Weaker, smaller and moves relatively faster than and alkaline environments favour survival of the “Y” sperm. Hence, you SHOULD NOT HAVE INTERCOURSE BEFORE YOUR OVULATION. Since the “Y” sperm travels faster, chances are they may die leaving the “X” chromosome to fertilize with the egg. Wearing “Boxer Shorts” / loose comfortable clothing is better for production and survival of “Y” chromosome. They can fertilize the egg only upto 24hours after leaving the male body. The Female produces only the “X” chromosome(which is constant). So, if the “X” from the male fertilizes with the “X” of the female, then you will have a “Baby Girl” – “XX” “Y” from the male fertilizes from the “X” of the female, then you will have a “Baby Boy” – “XY”

How To Conceive A Baby Boy –

Best Positions For Baby Boy

While these positions do not guarantee a baby boy, they definitely sway the odds in your favour. To get the early head-start, deep penetration was critical. While the “Y” chromosome travels faster, it’s better to be closer to the cervix. Some of the positions are – Straddling Missionary – Allow your spouse to straddle or sit on his knees and you may prefer to sit on top. This allows better control and deeper penetration. Alternatively you may also try the same by leaning against the wall or standing up with support. Doggy Style – Endorsed by many, this position helps in deep penetration.

Does Orgasm In Females Help In Conceiving A Boy?

When a woman has an orgasm, an alkaline secretion is released into the vagina which supports mating with the “Y” sperm and hence increases the odds of getting pregnant with a boy.

Which Foods Promote Alkaline Environment?

If you want to know How To Get A Baby Boy: creating the right Vaginal pH is important. While douching with 25-30gms of baking soda is very effective to create an alkaline environment, be cautious of hygiene as it may cause infections. *** Douching kit comes with a rubber bottle- fill with water, mix baking soda and squat over the toilet and squeeze the water into your vagina using a tube until the bottle is empty.***

What Foods To Eat To Get A Boy: FOR MEN

Stick To Acidic Food Coffee – Well, men do not need reasons to enjoy a cup of coffee, but caffeine lowers body temperature. Best to consume within 30 minutes prior to intercourse.

Some Acidic Foods That The Men Should Consume Are –

I your husband wants to know How To Get A Baby Boy? Give him a generous helping of yummy pastries & cakes made from refined white flour, sugar, rice, cheese, chocolate & peanuts. NEEDLESS TO MENTION – PLEASE QUIT SMOKING & DRINKING atleast during this period. And even better, if you quit for life. Smoking 7 drinking hampers with the quality & the production of strong healthy sperms.

What Foods To Eat To Conceive A Boy: FOR WOMEN

Stick To Alkaline Food Do not skip breakfast. It is proven that women who consumed more energy-rich foods, had a better chance of conceiving a boy. Dear women, you are now planning a baby! Keep aside your diet plans and dreams of being “Size 0” :)

Some Alkalescent foods that contain more phosphorous and sodium are –

Beverages – Tea & Coffee Fruits & Dry Fruits – Watermelon, Apple, Banana, Papaya, Pears, Almonds, Pine Nuts & Cherries. Vegetables - Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Potato, Carrot, Beans, Soya Beans, Sprouts, Broccoli & Spinach. High-On-Calories & High-On-Salt Diet has proved to be favourable for conceiving a boy.

Foods To Avoid While Planning For A Boy-

Avoid dairy products & foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Spicy Foods & citrus fruits increase your chances of having a baby girl.

Which Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy?

The best time increase the chances of having a baby boy is –

From 24hours prior to your ovulation period – To – Not more than 12 hours after ovulation period.

You can ascertain your ovulation period by either BBT(Basal Body Temperature), Ovulation Predictor Kits(detects elevation in Leuteinizing Hormone) or changes in cervical mucus. Read on the signs & symptoms of ovulation. Higher Temperature is favourable for the “Y” & lower temperature is favourable for the “X”. For the same reason, “Summers” are better to conceive “Boy Babies” & “Winters” are better for “Girl Babies”. This may sound weird, but women who plan a baby between 30-35years had a better chance of having a baby boy. And those who conceived between 22-29years had a better chance of getting a girl. However right, we would not recommend you push your biological clock too far, always better to plan early to knock-off complications of a delayed pregnancy. Read about Pregnancy in your 20s, 30s & 40s - Statistics You Should Know: Must Read The current ratio of Boys:Girls is 107:100. If you abide by all that’s mentioned in the above article and still you are blessed with a little princess, it’s God’s destiny for you. And he knows the best! We don’t want another Chinese Gender Inequality problem in India. Science & Technology has advanced, couples can give birth to “Designer Babies” by determining not just the gender, but also colour of eyes, height and other characteristics using modern advance genetics & IVF which are 100% effective but expensive(can cost between Rs.40,000 - Rs.12,00,000). Read about the Best IVF Specialists  While, we do not want to delve into that, if you have any queries please feel free to write to us and our experts will help you with your queries. And whether it is a Girl or a Boy, we wish you a safe and healthy baby! :) Hope you now know all that's required about How To Get A Baby Boy. It May Also Interest You To Read - Vaginal Discharge during Pregnancy How Safe Is It To Smoke Around Kids At The Age Of 36
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