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Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2020

Published on: 3 December , 2020 | Ekta

Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2020

A Mother’s love & hug is all that the baby needs at every step of his life. The warmth and secure feeling sinks in the moment a Mother wraps her arms around the baby. Heavenly!! Isn’t it? A Baby Carrier makes life easier. Here are the Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2020.

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The atmosphere at home makes it possible to carry the baby in arms – but when we step outside for shopping/travelling/any other purpose, we wish to be hands free. Rather than carrying the baby all the time, we would love to have options to carry him with ease – but hands free. It is here that we look for options of a Baby Carrier – one that allows our baby close to our heart at the same time leave some breathing space for the Parents as well.

This practice isn’t a new concept – baby carriers have been in use since ages. They were made of cloth in the form of a sling. Mothers have been innovative in choosing material – ranging from cloth, woolen cloth, shawls and even bedsheets. Since times unknown there have been mothers, especially in the rural & farming community who have been using Baby carriers and carried on with their daily routine with ease. The modern concept of “baby wearing” as we know today was popularized by Dr. William Sears who introduced and popularized the concept of “attachment parenting” in the early ‘90s. Since then there has ever been new concepts/developments in this Baby Gear.

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Do you need Baby Carriers? – Is It necessary?

The answer to this question could be got by weighing the Pros and Cons of a Baby Carrier


  • Personal touch

The best thing about a Baby Carrier is that it allows the Mom to hold her baby close. And it works 2 ways – Mom is assured and the Baby feels secure. For that matter any adult who is familiar to this Baby Gear, could handle it.

  • Hands Free

The main motive of this Baby Carrier is allowing the Mom/Dad to have some breathing space from carrying the baby around in their arms. In a fast paced world like ours, where multi-tasking is the norm of today, this is certainly a necessity.

  • Compact nature

Stroller Vs Baby Carrier – obviously the latter one is the clear choice when you have space constraint in your mind. Thus, a great travel option as all of them are foldable.

  • Breastfeeding

You might be wondering, but it is true. Maybe not for infants, as they would not be able to hold for long. But for older babies, Moms find it convenient to nurse them while in this position.


  • Safety

This is infact the most important aspect that you should look into before we choose an appropriate one. A carrier which gives ample support to the Mother’s back as well as the Babies’ back and hips is very important. Some of them also comes with a Head support for the Baby. That is even more an appropriate one.

  • Not suitable for long distances

Grocery shopping / stroll around the mall, a Baby Carrier suits the best. But if it was long distances walk it becomes difficult as the Mother’s back goes for a toss. And also the baby starts to feel uncomfortable as it might be hurting for his back too, after some time.

  • Risk factor

There is risk in terms of the baby falling off from the carrier if he is not properly strapped on. And the head support and back support is one thing which needs to be looked into as in the long run, there are reports of back pain and leg pain emanating due to long periods of carrying the baby.

How to buy the right Baby Carrier - Buyer's Guide

Having said so many advantages about a Baby carrier, it is necessary to make the right choice. These are the guidelines before you choose one:

  • Safety

It goes without saying that Safety is the first criteria before you choose any Baby Gear. Make sure that the Seat belts, buckles, welcroves and straps are of strong and durable quality material. The seat should have necessarily a comfortable seat, head support, and support for hips to ensure that the legs don’t hang freely in the air.

  • Stick to the age/weight restrictions

Generally every Baby carrier will have age criteria and weight restrictions mentioned, it is in the interest of the baby to stick to them.

  • Style preference

Baby carriers come in various styles – ring slings, slings, back carrier, front carrier, wraps, buckle carriers. Choose a one which is appropriate to you as well as the baby.

  • Price

Indian market is flooded with Baby Gear products manufactured by various brands – some maybe pricy, while the others would be worth the buy. Make sure that you gauge the price with the value for your money.

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Top 10 Best Baby Carriers in India 2020

Anmol baby carrier - Best Baby Carriers in India 2020

Anmol Baby Carrier

Anmol SSC Baby carriers is an Indian brand which focuses on Indian fabrics and dyes. Made from pure cotton it is totally skin-friendly and the baby adjusts to the Carrier with ease and comfort. There is provision of padding in thigh pads, shoulder straps and the waist band. Which is of utmost importance as it allows the weight of the baby to be distributed to the waist area and hips area proportionately, thereby making the Mother carry the baby with ease for even longer hours. In order to ensure that extra safety factor it is also equipped with a three point safety buckle which opens only if the three points are pressed together. It also has an elastic belt loop for securing the waist buckle. The Carrier comes with an attached hood.

Important Features cum Advantages:

  • Made of soft fabric
  • Comes with a 3 point safety buckle
  • Thigh cushions, shoulder straps and waist band are padded
  • Very easy to handle and an excellent travel option
  • Appropriate for kids from 2.5 months upto 3 years
  • Comes in 3 options – Wraps, Slings, Full wrap converted Carrier
  • Appropriate weight limit is upto 26 kgs


  • Expensive product

Price: ranges start from Rs. 2,640/- upto Rs. 9,540/-

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R for Rabbit 100% Cotton Baby Carrier With Back Support

R for Rabbit Baby Carrier

A Baby carrier made from 100%  breathable cotton material with solid support for your arms, hands and most importantly comfortable seating for your baby. It does not result in rashes to the baby’s skin due to prolonged usage.  And irrespective of the weather conditions,, it could be easily used whenever.

Important features cum advantages:

  • It is made from 100% cotton breathable fabric, totally skin-friendly option
  • Padded shoulder straps(to provide the extra grip to your arms)
  • Hood attached, which protects the baby from heat and cold
  • Supportive waistband (to ensure that your back is not in a strained position)
  • Padded leg openings (to provide that extra comfort for babys thighs)
  • Provision of storage pockets to keep necessary items
  • Lightweight – weighing just 600 grams
  • Very good travel option – and can be carried front position & back position
  • Ideal for babies 4 months – 36 months
  • Can support weight upto 22 kgs
  • Multiple colour options


  • Back support could have been much better

Price: Rs. 1,998/-

Luvlap Royal Baby Hip Seat Carrier – The Versatile Baby Carrier

LuvLap Royal Baby Carrier

LuvLap is a name associated with comfort, safety and durability. With its wide range of Baby Gear products, one of the most popular one is the LuvLap Royal Baby Hip Seat Carrier. With the provision of soft cushioning for the arm holes as well as the leg holes, it ensures that the baby does not feel discomfort even if it is carried for longer time. Its superior padding protects back and neck of the baby and padded shoulder straps make baby carrying easy for the parent.  Two wide shoulder straps are made of mesh fabric which are water resistant and breathable fabrics, ensuring maximum comfort for the baby. The unique hip seat allows the baby to be well placed, comfortable and relaxed.

Important Features cum Advantages:

  • The carrier allows to carry the baby in 4 ways – baby inward facing, outward facing, inward facing seat and outward facing seat
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • Good support for back pain
  • Ideal for babies from 4 months- 18 months of age
  • Can carry upto 14 kgs weight


  • Lack of head support

MRP: Rs. 2,499/-

buy LuvLap Baby Carrier here.

Infantino Ergonomic Baby Carriers For Infants & Newborns

Infantino Baby Carrier

This ergonomic Baby Carrier features a unique arched canopy hood that keeps the Baby safe and happy. The seat provision is also made keeping in mind the comfort of the baby; with the hips being resting in the M position. Made out of soft fabric, the straps are padded to allow the parents to carry the baby for longer distances without feeling the weight on their shoulders. It comes with a waist belt too, to facilitate the weight to be distributed from shoulders to the waist and to the hips.

Important Features cum Advantages:

  • Padding around the shoulder straps and the waist band to provide that extra cushion
  • Can be worn both front position and back position
  • Ideal for long distances walking
  • Product weights less than 640 gms
  • Weight holding capacity is 4kgs – 18kgs
  • Comes with a removable hoodie cap
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Expensive option

Price: Rs, 4600/-

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Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag - Buy Best Baby Carrier For Travelling

Kol Kol Baby Carrier

Kol Kol is an Indian brand which is designed to provide safe and comfortable seating for the baby. Made with 100% cotton that is pure and natural fabric, it is also provided with padded shoulder straps making it  convenient option to go on family trips with this Baby Carrier on. Being an Indian brand it is pioneered by Bayiravi. The brand is based in Delhi and their focus is Indian textile & designs.

Important Features cum Advantages:

  • Wide and padded shoulder straps to carry with ease
  • Supports 2 positions- front & back
  • Ideal for babies 6 months – 4 years
  • Comes with a comprehensive user manual
  • Fastener strength and strap retention is good


  • Supports only 2 positions – front & back
  • Absence of support for baby’s head

Price: Rs. 2,500/-

Mee Mee - Best Breathable Baby Carriers For 3 Month Old

Mee Mee Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Breathable Baby Carrier has, within a short span of time gained popularity in the Indian continent, with its strength, durability and most importantly price-friendly options to offer. Made with 100% cotton material it is suitable for the Indian weather conditions. Easy to wear and the ergonomic design of this product is meant for longer duration of wear. Leg holes and arm holes are well cushioned. It offers 4 ways of carrying- front facing & back facing kangaroo positon, front pack & back pack position.

Important features & Advantages:

  • Produt weighs only 400gms
  • Ideal for babies from 4 months – 2 years
  • Supports weight upto 16 kgs
  • An absolute pocket friendly option
  • Well padded head rest support
  • Cross belt back support – to ensure minimal weight on the back


  • Absence of waist band to provide relief to your back
  • Absence of a head cover

Price: Rs. 1,580/-

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Infantso Adjustable Hip Seat Baby Carrier For Toddlers

Infantso Baby Carrier

Infantso products brand focuses on ultra comfort attachments to make Baby carrying more easy and comfortable. There is provision of detachable hip seat which could be placed in the front, side position too. The wide hip seat which provides for maximum protection ensuring child’s best safety and comfort. Your baby’s neck, head and spine are well protected by the high quality padding in the head rest, neck portion as well as the thigh openings.  The straps and handles are fully padded with extra cushioning for that extra comfort. The shoulder straps are padded to allow for even distribution of weight across the shoulder, waist and hips. There is 2 side pockets available with zip facility for storage of small essentials.

Important Features & Advantages:

  • Made from high quality, anti-wrinkle, breathable fabric reduces the chance to skin allergy
  • The detachable seat which allows for 2 positions – baby facing forward, baby facing parent
  • The shoulder straps are made of mesh material which is a breathable fabric
  • Wide seat to provide support to the baby’s hips
  • Appropriate from 6 months – 24 months
  • Supports weight 3 kgs – 15 kgs
  • The buckle around the hip is sturdy and the Velcro is of ample length allowing to adjust the length of the strap
  • Suitable for long hours of baby carrying
  • Provides very good support to the Mom’s back
  • Comes with a detachable hood

Price:  Rs. 1,499/-

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1st Step 5 in 1 Hip Seat Baby Carrier (Denim) For Kids

1st Step Baby Carrier

This Carrier offer 5 different carrying positions – front back, back pack, baby facing forward, baby facing inside and piggy back position. The hip seat is detachable which means the seat could be used separately as well. The fabric is very child-friendly and breathable providing maximum support to your baby’s skin. Sufficient padding for the neck support and back support to ensure that the baby does not get hurt.  Cushioned arms and leg openings to provide comfort to the baby. Front pockets to store small essentials.

Important Features cum Advantages:

  • Ideal for babies from 6 months – 3 years
  • Offers 5 various carrying options
  • Wide and padded shoulder straps to distribute the weight of the baby
  • Cushioned thigh opening and back support
  • Enough support for the head and neck
  • Front pockets provided


  • Cannot carry beyond 12 kgs

Price: Rs. 1,999/-

Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier

Chicco Baby Carrier

Chicco Easy Fit Baby Carrier is a light weight product, which at the same time provides maximum support to the baby as well as Mother. This ergonomically designed baby carrier is best suited for travelling purposes too as it is easy to fit. It provides for extra neck support for new born babies. It is said to be a “hip friendly product” as the baby’s hips and legs stay in M position which is the best. The back support and neck support for the baby is enormous as it fits beautifully for new born infants due to its C-position support.

Important features cum Advantages:

  • A hip friendly product as the Carrier supports the baby’s hips and keeps intact in M position
  • C-shaped Carrier provides enormous support to the infant’s back and neck
  • Maximum weight recommended is 9 kgs
  • Suitable for 0 months – 9 months
  • Provides ample support for head rest
  • Can be carried in 2 positions – baby facing inward, baby facing outward.
  • Easily foldable design allows it to be rolled up into a compact shape for easy storage
  • Very good travel option
  • Back support and neck support is enormous


  • Age & weight restrictions
  • No cushion on the shoulder straps
  • Absence of waist belt
  • Absence of a harness belt / buckle
  • Highly priced

Price: Rs. 2,690/-

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